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I Don’t Blame Him. 不

If “They don’t pay me enough” was a person.

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  1. I guess I don’t really get the message of this video, other than he turned around when he heard the scary sound. Maybe I missed something here. But if I didn’t, what would he do when he hears gunfire in an elementary school? Turn around?

  2. Snapchat won’t play even if I tell ScriptSafe to trust it. The video player is trying to do something mighty funky and I can’t tell what it is without letting it do it. Which I absolutely won’t.

  3. Recently, a concerned mom on NextDoor post was asking about hearing a woman scream around 11:30 at night. Did any one else hear it?!? After a few off color jokes that were reprimanded by self righteous wokies, it was determined that it was bobcat mating season right now色you live out in the country now fyi

    This vid was not that!

  4. I thought it was funny. There used to be peacocks roaming the woods behind us. A neighbor raised them, as well as, Pheasants and some got loose. These birds would make blood curdling screams late at night. After several years they disappeared so either they went into the reservation or coyotes or the weather got them.

  5. @ Eugenia AT 12:13 AM

    I had the mayor of a small town enlist me to come in with my Beeman R10 and implement the Final Peacock Solution for exactly that reason. They were pretty good eating, a few years later I discovered that I had been living pretty high on the hog when I learned that an oven ready peacock goes for about three bills.

    The first few were easy pickins, toward the end they were pretty sportin and I had to really work at it.

  6. What was that birdcall that featured so well on the 13th?
    You know, at camp.
    When the Bows Arrow popped out of the dudes gullet.
    Heard that call echoing over the lake.

    PS: Todays Time 04:20AM

  7. BalloonHead BraggAss might not be smiling so much.
    People might not be laughing with him.
    His own criminality is about to come home TO ROOST.
    Couldn’t happen to a bigger JERK!

  8. Can’t say I blame him either.
    We have something in our neighborhood that sounds like a deranged Husky with a megaphone.
    I know I’m not going to confront whatever it is if I’m alone… even if I am armed.


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