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Master Trolling of Bud Light

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  1. Its actually dangerous to have a rectal alcohol enema as the absorption rate is much higher and alcohol poisoning is much faster. This could get someone criminally and civilly charged if an end user (heh, “end” user) claims harm from following the advice on the sticker.

    And yes, there are people that stupid.

  2. Just A Fact, the fact is, is that you posted that information that someone might not have known otherwise, so they may decide to reduce the price of intoxication by giving themselves an alcohol enema, thereby leaving you with some legal exposure for introducing the thought that they otherwise would never have considered.

  3. Until the Teamsters strike in 1976 A-B produced decent beer in three varieties (if memory serves): Busch Bavarian, Budweiser, and Michelob.*
    I do not recall any light “beers” from that era.**
    As a result of the strike, quality suffered (this I can vouch for) because L.A. Bud was trucked to CA from St Louis.
    (I do not know if the drivers were Teamsters.)

    * I have been told the only difference between these was the ageing time- namely 30, 60 and 90 days respectively.

    ** Coors was distributed in refrigerated trucks but was unavailable in the East at that time. Demand for Coors inspired “Smokey and the Bandit.”

    P.S. I see Jack Daniels has gone woke too…

  4. Alcoholics that have ruined their esophagus and guts give themselves booze enemas in order to imbibe. There’s a limited number of locations on the human anatomy where direct absorption takes place, and they’re gonna use them all.

  5. Well I have a different take on it. Maybe that chick wasn’t so dumb after all, and the joke is on us. Look at all the advertising they’re getting. Of course they know their beer is crappy and they’re willing to take a $6 billion hit. Mulvaney will fade away, like everything else, it’s business as usual. Pouring the beer out means nothing. May as well drink it, Busch has your money so they don’t care. People are back watching the NFL still taking a knee and smooching up the gays. Boycott’s don’t last and they know it.

  6. For Rectal Use Only.
    I doubt that even a beer-butt chicken would tolerate Butt Light.


    Did you notice how They tried to run some Clydesdale ads to smooth things over? Ain’t working no more, no more

    Speaking of Fish Soup
    Did you catch that Money Grubbing Crypto Grifting Fraud Banksturd Kevin OLeery on the Brian Kilmeade Show?

    What a real Joke. It was Funny.
    Kevin turned out a real turd.
    Now he’s scramble’ing like a MOFO to undo all the damage he finds hisselfs in.

    Here’s a toast to hoping to see him sticking out of the mouth of a crocodile, or alligator or a 30 foot everglade python.

    Kevin Oleery & Geraldo Rivieara
    Faces and Coins and All DAT


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