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Ukraine Leaks Raise a Host of Unasked Questions

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The leak revealed that there are U.S. forces deployed in Ukraine. In fact, this was confirmed on Wednesday by John Kirby in an interview with Fox News. This is not only a proxy war between the U.S. and Russia. We are quite literally in the middle of a hot war with Russia. A war which has not been approved by Congress as our laws would require. That makes it a crime.

The documents also reveal that Ukrainian forces are in dire straits. According to the documents, there have been a total of 16,000-17,500 Russian casualties and as many as 71,000 Ukrainian casualties. More

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  1. This whole things reminds me of an episode of Hogan’s Heroes where Hogan and Klink are listening to German radio:

    “Our glorious German forces are pulling back to consolidate our gains on the Russian Front.”

  2. This is the DOD positioning active duty ‘special’ troops as reps for our defense contractors.

    And they get this for free. The families get a coffin and a “training accident” condolence.

  3. Larry Johnson of sonar21dotcom has questions:

    “During our 18 years of working on these highly classified exercises we have never seen a E3 (i.e., an Airman First Class) anywhere in the SCIF. The enlisted personnel who worked on these TOP SECRET exercises were at least a Staff Sergeant (E5). So what is a lowly E3 doing in a SCIF with TOP SECRET material and no supervision? That is the first red flag….Another red flag, as I noted in my previous piece, is the partial copy of the CIA Operations Center Intelligence Report. Both of us have had access to CIA systems available on the military servers and we have never seen the CIA Ops Center report on any of those systems. Never! How did this 21 year old kid get his hands on that?”

    Something ain’t right. Is Teixeira a classic patsy?

    And it’s been common knowledge for a year that we’ve had operators on the ground fighting in Ukraine. Also, nothing else in the leaks are particularly revelatory to those who’ve been paying a little attention. Something else is going on with this fiasco.


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