“I Don’t Care if He’s Pooped His Pants” – IOTW Report

“I Don’t Care if He’s Pooped His Pants”

“The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg on Monday said she would not care if President Joe Biden stays in the presidential race while being incontinent or incapable of speaking, but that she would abandon him under certain circumstances.

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  1. The individual is a poor representative of the female or of the negro. Certainly she is not the best or even close to the best either group can come up with.

  2. Ann Barnhardt has been referring to Brandon as Spongebrain Shitpants since ~2021, perhaps earlier. To infer that the stupid bastard’s condition has not been common knowledge is ludicrous. To claim to not know that the entire clan has been involved in corruption and graft for decades is evidence that someone has absolutely no business voting.

  3. This idiot is a one dimensional thinker. What life experiences does she have to be an authority on jack shit. What she fails to see is he never has done the job. Someone else who was not on the ballot is doing the job. Not that that matters when you consider they stole the election anyway. People that watch the view should lose their voting rights. To stupid to participate.

  4. Biden can shit his pants, leave a trail, and be forgiven. On the other hand, if a conservative stepped on a duck Whoopi would demand that person be removed from office.

  5. ““The View” is ultimately the responsibility of Disney.”

    So is ESPN and those bastards are still planning on giving that pink English Fagot the Pat Tillman award


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