(I had no idea) A bunny jumping competition!

Cute Bunny Jumping Competition

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  1. I’ve seen young rabbits playing leap frog in my yard several times but never managed to get it on video.
    I imagine they like this kind of sport. Too cute for me.

  2. This makes me want a bunny!! Usually, I just think of the domesticated ones as sitting in a cage – not much fun….but these guys have changed my mind.

  3. George, tell me again about they bunnies … the red ones, the blue ones, the pink ones … gosh, bunnies are just so much fun!

    And fierce warriors, too!

  4. Joey Biden as Lenny from Of Mice and Men fits him perfectly. Which way did they go George? Yup, yup! And it should be it’s wabbit season. Come to think of it Joey can double as Elmer Fudd as well.

  5. I find that a double egg wash and cracker crumb breading makes for a superb rabbit – a winner in all categories.

  6. Too cute!! My friend is a rabbit fanatic. I’ve never seen the bunnies jump, but I know they would do just about anything, including prostitute themselves to small dogs, for banana slices.

  7. An all around great animal to raise!

    A companion around the house.

    You can play with it.

    You can enter it in a bunny sport.

    You can eat it.

    You can make gloves to fondly remember it by.

    “My gloves are Fluffy” becomes a double entendre fact.

    What more could you ask for?

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