Tonight's Toothiness by BigFurHat

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  1. That’s an accurate depiction of my wife, her brother, and her sister… except Mrs R had to have braces TWICE! The 1st time apparently she was too young, or she had incompetent orthodontists in WV. She had to have the full halo headgear including having her jaw slowly broken in two!!! After we got married I started noticing how god-awful crooked her entire family’s teeth were, and it dawned on me that I had just all but guaranteed myself 10s of thousands of dollars of orthodontist bills in the near future! So far, just one kid has needed them, and Thank God the cost has come down dramatically as the technology and innovation has boomed!

  2. It’s the skill of the orthodontist. When my oldest son got his braces, one of the tooth clamps came free and the wire was cutting into his mouth. It was a Sunday and the office was closed so I clipped it with a pair of wire cutters. His teeth are good but could be straighter. Lots of money spent but it is much better than what he had.

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