“I haven’t found one person that actually has gender dysphoria.” – IOTW Report

“I haven’t found one person that actually has gender dysphoria.”

JTN: Walt Heyer, one of the first transgender women when he transitioned four decades ago, has long since transitioned back to male.

Today he rejects the notion that there can be a transgender person, arguing a person struggling with gender dysphoria almost always an underlying issue.

“People who identify this way are struggling with either bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, body dysmorphia, depression, or some underlying comorbid issue,” Heyer said on “The New Foundation for American Greatness,” a Just the News special report sponsored by Heritage Action for America. 

“Nobody’s born transgender,” he continued. “The truth is transgenders don’t exist. There is no such thing as a transgender.” MORE HERE

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  1. Agreed. Another “underlying condition” are young people who are manipulated by authority figures (parents, teachers), social media and their peers. Then there are those who are wannabes who are attention seekers (and trans is the current fad).

    We all know the current trans-fad will change, but I’m dreading what it will morph into. We’ve already got “furries”, so who knows!

  2. The ones I’ve come across also have absent or abusive fathers. They grew up with no example of a true man in their lives. In those situations, the girls grew up believing they didn’t need a man and wanted nothing to do with male masculinity, and the boys grew up desiring the example of a true man they never had in their lives so desperately that they sexualized it.

  3. A fad. I bet people during the Roman times said this about gays too. It is not a fad nor is it just going away. Apples & orange s, no view no clue. God has nothing to do with this. If he did priests would never diddle young boys & girls. This ain’t never going away & the only “Fad” is you.
    No I am not gay, just a straight person who just knows better.
    Mentality ill? No more than you are^^^^.

  4. Yeah, it’s a fad. It will go into the dustbin of fads. Time takes care of things like this. No one said homosexuality is a fad — just believing you are a another gender is. They’re not the same thing.

    The only truth to your claim is that God has nothing to do with this. Quite literally, true! If you just start from there and think it out, it would be a good start for you.

  5. @Jethro — Yes, I was taking that into account already. What fresh hell will confront us after “transgenderism” become stale? I think it will be something to do with hi-tech perverted sex, using AI or something.


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