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I Think Kirstin Deserves a Meme (Updated)

This is the Dem operative that ran from James O’Keefe. The face is Meme Worthy.

We’re continuing to rub salt in the wound

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loco blanco saltine








unnamed-9 6.26.21 PM

unruly refugee







The Grunt of Monte Cristo



This was sent to us by… wait for it… James O’Keefe.

Thank you, James.



Mary Jane Anklestraps

unnamed-4unnamed-8 6.26.28 PM

Unruly refugee

Here’s one too bizarre not to include –






illustr8rMichelle and kirstin

weiner and kirstin

tony stewart and kirstin

cosby and kirstin






139 Comments on I Think Kirstin Deserves a Meme (Updated)

  1. Funny!

    How about a Weiners gym pic behind her?

    Bill Clinton?

    Geraldo’s selfie?

    1980’s Al Sharton?

  2. Thirdtwin, you have a typo in your comment…you meant “chins” didn’t you?

  3. The agony of defeat ski jumper from ABC Wide World of Sports?

  4. Wow, love the one with Geraldo selfie! They both look ridiculous. Hope they both see it.

  5. Hey BFH…….Having a load of fun with this?? Hahaha!

  6. You can share. No need to tag. This one belongs to everyone.

  7. Wow. That’s an EPIC forehead she’s got, there.

    Dad was right. You CAN tell them by the shapes of their heads.

  8. “This, too, shall pass, Kirstin. Keep your chin up ”
    Which Chin?

  9. Somebody tried to give her a copy of the Constitution.

  10. She looks like she sat on a bicycle with its seat missing.

  11. Landrieu can’t implode fast enough at this point.

    What a great weekend this is going to be. Plenty of football and to watch the last Senate democrat who was defending her seat bite the dust. I hope it’s as epic a loss as people are talking about. It should be just one more scare to put into the Dems left in D.C.

  12. Dr Tar, I’m not counting any chickens yet, but I am definitely tuning in tomorrow for the results. I hope it will be an epic shellacking.

    Limbaugh is slated to be on Fox News Sunday. I think I’ll put a champagne brunch on the menu. If Landrieu goes down in the Hindenburg style she deserves, it’ll be mimosas before during and after and enjoy the show even more.

  13. Fur, you ought to post a punch-out for those who can’t do one and have a contest. We could flood the internet with them!

  14. I think a goat drinking beer might be the best….LOL

  15. How about one with BigFurHat’s avatar in the background? LOL!

  16. Ironycurtain I laughed so hard my insides hurt. Good thing the coffee mug is in the kitchen.

    Grumpy cat meme although Ted Cruz is still on my mind.
    Michell Obummer’s detached ‘Alien’ jaw.

  17. LOL- now that’s entertainment 😀

    However, incredibly sad how lacking in moral standards sooo many people are these days. Just hard to comprehend.

    How about a whole Demo-rat party 2016 meme along the lines of: “Run Kirstin, Run (away from the truth)!”

  18. Wanna really make leftist’s heads explode? Put an iconic picture of Christ behind her.

  19. She looks a lot like Sgt. Schultz from Hogan’s Heroes in that pic.

    “I know NUTHINK!”

  20. That look of hers is priceless. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but she looks like she just swallowed __________________.

  21. Looks like she just sharted herself. Uh oh, that didn’t feel warm, it feels wet.

  22. LOL! I vote for the one with Hurl-dildo.

    The look on this gal’s face, it looks like she just broke wind in front of the Pope and she’s scared there’s more where that came from.

    Hey! The spell checker is ok with Hurl-dildo?? lol

  23. She’s running away from that giant chili-cheese-beef-burrito-based liquid schumer filling her shoes. Oh no, it’s James O…….bluuuuuuurrp!.

  24. Ok. I’m not tech saavy enough, but here’s my suggestion:

    Put the map of the nation behind her showing all the Red after the mid-terms.

    @sTevo, I’m enjoying some Sweetwater 420 ale tonight. Really good stuff with my premium cigar.

  25. That face belongs on a poster for birth control. The site of that face can have the same effect as jumping into a cold shower.

  26. Keeps getting funnier. Charlton Heston is hysterical This meme has legs. She’s cooked.

  27. Definitely. The nun with the stick. In the conservatory. After killing colonel mustard. But they are all hysterical! Beautiful!

  28. The perfect face for a million pictures. Too funny.

  29. Wow! James O’Keefe sent that in?

    @James, thanks for everything you do.
    We are not worthy!

  30. I wouldn’t lie about a thing like that.
    Wait. I wouldn’t lie at all.

  31. @BFH, I know you wouldn’t lie.
    The truth is more powerful any day.
    Nobody knows that better than James O’Keefe.

  32. The Shining’s “Here’s Johnny.” would do the trick.

  33. She looks like the grown-up version of that little girl running meme.
    Though the little girl is cute and happy, not deranged.

  34. I posted a link to this post on James O’Keefe’s FB page…I thought he would like it.

  35. I think this thing has a pretty long shelf life, even after today’s results. Long after court is adjourned for O’Keefe. Great job everyone!

  36. @bitterclinger et al, Rush is going to be on Fox News Sunday tomorrow.
    Should be good.

  37. That’s some funny shit right there…..I don’t care who you are.

  38. Oh yeah, James O’Keefe is also AWESOME. Keep them honest and scared, James.

  39. I hope this meme really takes off today. I love to share the fun with everyone who likes a good laugh at Dim’s expense.

  40. “Too bizarre not to include”…..that pretty much sums up my life….

  41. I dont have the skills. but what about that one with the girl and the house on fire in the back ground?

  42. The gift that keeps on giving …

    Ya gotta love it!

  43. Oww oww oww… am hurting from laughing. Also re-pulled an ab muscle that I was supposed to rest this weekend. Was worth it!

  44. My very favorite is Pajama Boy’s platonic girlfriend!

  45. The memes are a hoot, saw the first ones last night they are all very creative.Kristin is the kind of person who wants so badly to impress her peers but lacks the intelligence to do it honestly thus she resorts to a lie. only she’s not smart enough to make it a good lie.

  46. How about the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction?

    Or her running away from the David Tyree catch?

    Her marriage to Charles Manson?

    How about the other Jackson, Michael?

    Damn, trying to think of a good one…
    I’m off my game tonight.
    Time for more liquor.

  47. I imagine a gaggle of little kids reciting the pledge of allegiance would send the doofus scurrying like rodentia.

    Any way to put her, Talcum X and that smug chick with the dreads together?

  48. MJA,
    I’m blaming you for my nightmares tonight. I thought she was just goofy ’til I saw your Exorcist take. Yikes! She be creepy, too! 😯

  49. Re: picture #2– More likely a real bicycle seat stuck up her ass than a black penile protuberance. Contrary to what Chris Rock says, there ARE some white women a black guy won’t f_ck.

  50. OMG I just remembered…there is a whole shitload of Awkward Family Photos out there. Oh boy oh boy oh boy!! It’s BACON!!!!

  51. You need a Forrest Gump one.. Run Kirsten Run… This is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time.

  52. I can’t wait to see the libel suit brought against IOTWR And O’Keefe. It should be priceless. With moar pics!

  53. The one with Hilary begging Miss Smelly Pants to take one for the team is a classic. Makes me laugh every time. All the pictures are so well aligned, with just the right expressions. Good one.

  54. I haven’t laughed this hard…..in forever. And Corona can’t be serious. If anyone has a Libel suit, it is UVA.

  55. Do Obama’s hypothetical “Julia”.

  56. Don’t worry Sybilll, I wasn’t serious. Any libel suit would be laughed out of court with these pictures.

  57. Love the one with Zippy and Stanley Ann.
    Too many good ones.
    (But I’m kinda worried about Mr. Pinko. That last one looks like something Joey Biden did with his plastic scissors.)

  58. That elephant shitting pic cracks me up. Heh heh.

  59. LMBO with these but I’m with Joe on Willy flashing & Corona with the elephant!!
    They all really are a riot!!

  60. BFH,

    Love the Meme. How about a barechested Putin on a horse or as the black knight in The Holy Grail? After being cut down to size, of course.

  61. LOL! No better choice of the perfect meme than an idiotic demoRat staffer. Congrats, BFH and IOTWR for the James O’Keefe hat tweet.

  62. LOl!! Thanks for posting those pics BFH! I was saving the elephant for when the right democrat came along. Thank you for finding her. lol

  63. Of all the comments throughout this meme. I bet there is someone who, ahem, “would.”

    As gross as it may be, someone really is that lonely.

  64. This meme’s even side-barred at AOS. Many morons and moronettes will love the piles of pics!

  65. Would it be gratuitous to suggest another?
    Of course it would, that’s why I’m here!

    Meme girl fleeing Ted Kennedy and his Oldsmobile Delmont 88!

  66. These are great 😀
    Can you make one of her running away from herself with “hands up” ?

  67. I’m glad Fur got a chance to do Loco’s Sophia/Jane meme idea. That was really inspired. Absolutely classic!

    Also, I hope MJA doesn’t give up the obsession any time soon. The Nirvana LP cover was a masterpiece! Lots and lots of good ones from everybody, though.

  68. This is really late but, how about her crawling out of that fake Rhinoceros ass in that Jim Carey movie?

  69. In all honesty I wasn’t sure how it would work out?
    She is normally fleeing.
    He had to flip the face and match the B/W.
    Well done Sir Fur!

  70. @Bad_Brad with Kirsten it’s never too late. The meme marches on.

  71. The Jayne Mansfield pic made me laugh til I choked. Brilliant, LBS and BFH!!

    All of these are hilarious. Such a creative bunch! 🙂

  72. I see a whole website dedicated to this meme stuff.
    Tshirts hats custom imprinted thongs the works.
    Money coming in from everywhere.
    Watch out Gates I’M BAAACK.

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