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ICYMI: Here’s why no one likes de Blasio

NYP: The hostess of the elegant dinner party had one rule: No talk of the presidential campaign. With supporters of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton at the table, the inevitable squabbling would spoil the evening.

However, one political topic was on the menu: Mayor Bill de Blasio. The reaction when the hostess mentioned his name was unanimous: Yuck!

So it goes in the Season of Corruption, with New Yorkers transfixed by one of the largest and most far-reaching municipal scandals in modern times. Somewhere, the villainous ghosts of Tammany Hall resent the competition.

The possibility that de Blasio committed crimes by doing favors for donors is the focus of sprawling investigations by state and federal prosecutors. While the sordid revelations dominate the news, they obscure the fact that a more mundane version of pay-to-play is a permanent feature of Dollar Bill’s approach to government, and it hasn’t stopped.  more


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