ICYMI—MSNBC pulls the plug on Donny Deutsch

BPR: Some folks just weren’t meant to be in front of a camera.

MSNBC has pulled the plug on “Saturday Night Politics” after the series aired only 13 episodes. “Saturday Night Politics” was hosted by Donny Deutsch and this is his fifth show to be canceled. Yes. Fifth. There’s almost something impressive to that level of commitment to something that clearly is not working. more here

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  1. The Douchebag deserves it. He’s been trying for a couple of decades to be a nationally recognized liberal political commentator. He’s such a failure even the leftist MSM doesn’t want him.

  2. cough cough bullcoughshit

    13 episodes is a full season run for mourning joes back room booked deals covered by new york bloomberg donors. New fresh msNBC programming has already started airing. Nazis in America. Little did us Americans know but according to msNBC there are actually full blown Nahtzi compounds all over this Country. The whole 9 yards, tards and regelia. The flags and costumes and even motorized nahtzi motorcycles and parades running down every any Main Street USA and a convenient few persons NBC pre-subcontracted scripted producers documentary art film crew now picked up for a multi week run. Michael Moore was unavailable for active participation when he got too busy with other subversive efforts on other hollywood fronts.

    Does it have anything to do with Donny Douchebag Deutsch and the msNBC Juicy Gang Traitors declaring Open War on the President of the United States. No holds barred war broadcast Live without a laugh track and nothing off the table according to the Record.

    Never forget msNBC front center and behind scene producers of Live Evil.

  3. MensesNBC, they forget a critical requirement for successful publication, an audience.
    The Douchebag has no following bigger than a bread box.

  4. The stooge is completely oblivious to the disdain the public has shown for him. Given how dense the cnn program management is they’re likely working on yet another platform for him. It gets expensive to be stupid but they don’t mind.

  5. Wasn’t his claim to fame supposed to be the head of a powerful PR Marketing? Kinda like a MadMen sorta fella? 😂😂


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