ICYMI: Squeal Team 6 take out ISIS on Swine-11 – IOTW Report

ICYMI: Squeal Team 6 take out ISIS on Swine-11

ISIS jihadis waiting in ambush to kill people fleeing Sharia were recently trampled by stampeding boars.


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  1. Pretty damn funny. Dont mean to hijack, it’s late, I’m tired. I heard from an impeccable source today that 82% of Seal Teams are deployed. Unheard of. The world is a dangerous place. Two Rangers were killed today. Kids. Fucking breaks my heart. Let’s send Antifa over there for a while.

  2. Very well done. Who says that Christians can’t have a sense of humor at pointing out the absurdities and evil of these jihadi’s who were killed by a bunch of feral pigs. Maybe they’re name is Legion like when Jesus drove a bunch of evil spirits who wouldn’t acknowledge him by sending them into a a bunch of pigs and over a cliff to their destruction.

  3. Good, the first field trial went well.
    Now initiate Operation Oink Drop
    Dart the feral pigs in Texas and let them wake up all along the rivers in the Middle East

  4. Time to activate the Feral Pig Platoon to reinforce and bolster the Queer Brigade and the Feminist Foreign Legion!

  5. Listen and understand. The Baconator is out there. It cant be reasoned with, it cant be bargained with. It doesn’t know Allah, or remorse or pity. And it absolutely will not stop, God willing, until you are dead

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