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“I’d Rather Have a Trans Daughter Than a Dead Son”


…You know what’s even more devastating? That line being used as emotional blackmail to get someone to comply to your demands. Suicide rates in trans people are at their absolute highest 7-10 years AFTER sexual reassignment surgery. And it’s because most of the time these surgeries are botched. They’re experimental. These folks lose their sex drive, their mental health issues were only AFFIRMED and not DIAGNOSED AND TREATED and with hormones in the mix (raising risk of cancer), untreated depression mixed in with constant infections, tragic dating sex life, doctors not fixing their fuck ups, etc . These surgeries have a 67% complication rate. Once you do this, you become a chronic medical patient.

Show me one person who’s had all these surgeries and treatments who has made it to old age. I’ll wait.

Puberty is ESSENTIAL for our growth. Kids going on puberty blockers are being sterilized. They’re giving themselves osteoporosis because they’re not allowing puberty to do what it’s supposed to. Bones, muscles, tendons, heart, BRAIN, lungs, blood, sexual reproduction, skin, EVERYTHING relies on puberty. Blockers are NOT reversible. You can say it 1000000000 times but it won’t make it true.

You cannot reverse puberty blockers. Saying you can is absolutely false and dangerous. There is zero proof to back up those claims that puberty blockers are reversible.

For proof that they aren’t, you just have to go to any real medical website and read peer reviewed studies. Stay off the bs affirmation websites that are littered with false claims.

They give the same puberty blockers to sex offenders to castrate them. They’re also giving these drugs to children. MORE

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  1. “I’d Rather Have a Trans Daughter Than a Dead Son”

    Uncle Xi is happy to hear that!
    A normal upbringing with emphasis on God, Country, manners and morals will ensure that you never have to entertain those options!

  2. I’m trying to imagine a parent who would say that…

    …still trying…


    …okay, all I can think of is how fucked-up their marriage is to have transferred such doubt about sexuality to their son in the first place.

  3. I wonder if he has a telephone?
    he should use it and call a psychiatrist. No, that wouldn’t help, that probably started all this.
    he should try to figure out how he raised a child like that
    bet they live on Confusion Street

  4. This is akin to the ‘If it saves just one life’ trope, ignoring the even greater number of lives sacrificed because of the act. Absolutely horrendous, absolutely callous – but they will cry crocodile tears in order to get their way (and their power and $).

  5. You can have BOTH.
    Like playing WORDLE.
    Start with the live son.
    Trans (see what I did there?) form it to the trans daughter.
    Soon enough you’ll have the dead son, whether you want it or not.

  6. So the son will kill himself if he does “transition!” Whereas the “daughter” will kill “herself” if “she” does.

    Instead of paying for the process (or forcing other people to pay for it), why not get the son the mental care he needs to straighten himself out?

  7. Suicide rates for EVERYONE are up lately… gays, trannies, small business owners, vets, the elderly, teenagers, whites, blacks, and all shades in between…

    Maybe it’s not a particular policy affecting a particular demographic. Maybe it’s the WHOLE OPPRESSIVE ISOLATIONIST ATHIEST SOCIETY that is intruding on our sweet little lives, families, and towns.

    Refuse/Resist the culture of death. Welcome the babies, hug the kids, check in on your colleagues, and take care of your elders.

  8. “Refuse/Resist the culture of death. Welcome the babies, hug the kids, check in on your colleagues, and take care of your elders.” -Little Morphin’ Annie

    I like that sentence!

    And prepare to persevere through ANY contingency!

  9. At the bottom of all this are “trans-activists” who want the population to accept their unnatural sex fetishes and sick minds and the best way to do that (as with all the other mental disorders-cum-alternative-lifestyles) is to inculcate their illness to the rest of society. Their playbook is consistent. First, feel sorry them because they are a misunderstood population (always said to be much, much larger than it actually is). Second, mainline their wickedness to the society. Third, demonize those who speak or act against them.

    What better way to flip the general population in your favor than to take control of teaching OUR OWN CHILDREN and GRANDCHILDREN that they can be either sex (or maybe even both at the same time)?

    We’re solidly into phase 2 and they’re pushing for phase 3. Phase 3 includes making it illegal to think bad thoughts about them.


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