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Ideological Bullshizzle

‘Ideological Bulls–t’: Rich McCormick Grills Fauci On Audio Of Him Discussing Vaccine Requirements.

h/t Mr. Pinko.

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  1. I E stopped the machines and shut off the compressor to listen to this guy today at work. He didn’t go near far enough. Nobodies broached the subject of Med so called professionals getting financially rewarded for falsely diagnosng COVID. This guys not just another freaked dime a dozen attorney, he is an MD. He’s also a big time Trump supporter.
    The bad news, he dumped his wife of 12 years to “co habitat” with Beth Van Duyne. In my book that’s not cool.

    Beth Van Duyne is a fatty that turned into a hotty. A Rep from Texas. I’m big on keeping my word. For better of for worse. I dunno.

  2. The Republican establishment better figure out that it’s not just me who is fed the hell up with the Sound Bite Express that regularly takes people on a trip to the “strongly worded letter” song and dance. Friends and relatives who have ranged from dismissive to highly critical of what I have been saying in that regard for well over a decade are sounding a lot like me these days.

  3. This just came to mind this morning regarding the U.S. government’s fascist enforcement of vaccinations: After his failed attempts to talk all of his 900+ followers into voluntarily drinking the cyanide-laced Flavor-Ade, he forced the mass “suicide” by having his enforcers either inject the poison directly into the person (the “jab”) or he had them shot. This, after Jones directed CA congressman Ryan and Ryan’s tell-all reporters be murdered at the airfield.

    Jones himself either committed suicide by gun or directed one of his true believers to shoot him (can’t remember which), because he’d rather die than admit his experiment in communism was a failure.

    Given the communist direction this gov’t is aspiring to, I see no discernible or even significant ways in which today’s U.S. government is different than Jonestown, Guyana.

  4. Hope for the best, plan for the worst applies to governments as well as other things. If you think you can vote your way out ever, your a fool. Trump has his chance and he never knew or saw how bad things actually were in Washington, Just how will he work his way around the non-stop road blocks they will put up in round two, if he gets a round two!!?? He may make a small dent but they will just return in four years to rebuild the corruption. It’s best to make your own plans for the bigger chit storms that are coming for our ass. See Europe, see the southern border BS.

  5. Again, the ‘wizards of congress’ “ investigate’ the rat.

    Stop with the ruse!

    As with all congressional investigations, it’s kabuki theater.

    What is the extra pay the grifters get if they are on committee’s or ‘investigations’, above their salaries? Find that out and you’ll see why NOTHING COMES FROM ALL THE EVIDENCE. NOTHING!!

  6. This is the last thing I will say about Rich McCormick. He’s my Representative and he was installed by the establishment. They’re giving him the spotlight and pumping him up for their own reasons. Get used to hearing his name, because they’re going to keep him around for a long time. Everything Brad said is true. But a lot of people give lip service to Trump until the rubber meets the road. We will see.

    My only consolation prize is that McCormick replaced the lockstep Democrat carpetbagger Lucy McBath as my Rep. I can only imagine the wheeling and dealing between Georgia Dems and RINOs which got her moved to the district next door.

  7. Everyone in the hearing room knew everything about Tony Stalin. Now that the hearing is over that’s probably the last we’ll hear about it. Indeed a handful of reps actually g a s, but this is over now. Get used to it.


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