IDF Destroys Massive Hamas Tunnel Near Rafah Crossing – IOTW Report

IDF Destroys Massive Hamas Tunnel Near Rafah Crossing

WFB: The Israel Defense Forces this week destroyed a massive tunnel used by Hamas terrorists near Gaza’s border crossing with Egypt.

The 1.5-kilometer-long underground network is located about 100 meters from the Rafah crossing and “splits into several different paths at varying depths,” according to IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari.

The demolition has dealt a significant blow to Hamas, Hagari said, as the terrorists were using the tunnel to attack Israeli soldiers operating in Rafah.  MORE

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  1. Wonder why they don’t rig these tunnels with explosives and keep the fact they were discovered secret? Then they can blow them and their occupants at a future date.

  2. I used to have a push mower without wheels or blades, and with the grass ejection port walled off. I ran a pipe from the exhaust to a fitting in the deck, so the exhaust would go into the space under the mower. I would drag it to a fire ant bed, set it on top of the bed, crank it up, and let it run for 10 or 15 minutes, so the CO would settle into all the tunnels.

    The Israelis should do something like that to the tunnels in Gaza on a much larger scale.

  3. Anonymous
    THURSDAY, 30 MAY 2024, 18:45 AT 6:45 PM
    “Hamas can be as cruel as possible. The media won’t let Israel fight on the same basis!”

    It was my boss that started the whole idea of holding Israel to a higher standard, actually.

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