‘If Islam is so peaceful, why is everybody so damn frightened of offending them?’ – IOTW Report

‘If Islam is so peaceful, why is everybody so damn frightened of offending them?’

Rush Limbaugh: Back in April, an ISIS supporter attack in Paris, Champs-Elysees, a couple weeks before the French elections — by the way, have you heard what they have done in Paris? I don’t know if this is the mayor or if it’s this new president. Do you know what they did? This is a sign, folks. This is a comforting sign to show you how tough the French are in this fight against terrorism. You know what they’ve done?

They’ve turned off the lights in the Eiffel Tower at midnight. You know how that is bound to frighten the terrorists? I mean, why didn’t we think of something like this earlier? What a statement. What a show of force. Turning off the lights on the Eiffel Tower at midnight to show solidarity with the victims of terror attacks. This is classic. This is like a hashtag, #bringbackourgirls. It doesn’t do anything. But the people involved think they are really contributing. They think they’re really doing something meaningful. And all it means is that no impediment to future terrorism is handed down.

We are, in fact, quote after quote after quote today from people in the U.K., from Theresa May to others, “This is the new norm.” They don’t say it that way but their attitudes are clear that they have no ideas, nothing to do here. They’re so afraid of offending Muslims and Islamists.

I have a question, ladies and gentlemen. If Islam is so peaceful, why is everybody so damn frightened of offending them? And on the other hand, if Christianity is so violent as people like Whoopi Goldberg and others tell us, why is nobody afraid to offend Christians? People laugh at, make fun of, and mock Christians all day long with no fear whatsoever. But you so much as think anything offensive about Islam, and they descend on you and they accuse you of violating political correctness and they beg you to shut up.

In fact, there’s United States Senator out there today blaming Trump for terrorist recruitment by daring to criticize them. Yeah, Chris somebody.  more

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  1. It just reinforces what we all know. France has surrendered to Islam and it’s lights out for the nation.

    And, I can say that as someone who has lived in that country off and on for nearly half my life.

  2. Because they’ll peacefully cut your head off?

    Everyone knows but is too afraid to say aloud – except Geller, Spencer, Gorka, Barnhardt, and Hat (sorry if I’ve ommitted anyone).

    We are surrounded by cowards and lickspittles.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Imagine there’s no patriots
    I wonder if you can
    No one to kill or deny them
    A dhimmitude of man

  4. we are doomed when we equate flicking the light switch to taking up arms against an armed and dangerous invader.

    the ones who are willing to offend muslims are the only ones who are willing to confront the enemy.

  5. There’s a script to follow after each of these atrocities:
    1. Don’t rush to judgment
    2. Moment of silence
    3. Our thoughts and prayers…
    4. Light candles
    5. Islam is a religion of peace/why do they hate us?

  6. I got into it with a libturd about the savagery of muslimes and they bounced back with the book of deuteronomy.

    They couldn’t comprehend the fact that ages ago deuteronomy had its place. This person believes that since it’s written in the old testament Jews and Catholics today are just as violent as muslimes.

  7. I’m about 15 miles from Dearbornistan, Michigan. When those doctors go on trial for Female Mutilation, I half expect them to be found “Not Guilty”. We Americans just don’t understand their culture, so shame on us.

  8. Muslims are the most loving and peaceful people on Earth as long as one carefully avoids provoking them to begin separating heads from bodies.

  9. To treat Islam with moral equivilance to the Amish, Episcopalian​s and other truly peaceful religious peoples is insane. Islam is a subjugating death cult.

  10. @bill May 25, 2017 at 8:39 am

    > we are doomed when we equate flicking the light switch to taking up arms

    But where would you draw the line for the stupid that must be farmed?

    What should you do when armed men hold the door open for other men to follow your daughter into the privy, while holding you outside (waiting for tips)? What should you do when armed men run your neighbors out of the neighborhood for not paying foreign banksters enough? What should you do when armed men demand your wallet for making them come to you to take your arms?

    Maybe inferiors should be told that the world really does change when they pout?

  11. @Old Oaks

    One of the MOST fundamental beliefs of Islam is that Mohammed was chosen by Allah to restore the original message that Allah gave to the Jews (ie, Leviticus and Deuteronomy) because both
    Jews and Christians had corrupted it with blasphemous “innovations” (ie, The Torah and the New Testament)

    That’s why Shari’ah punishments have that Leviticus feel to it. It is Leviticus, except in the few cases where it is even more brutal than Leviticus

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