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If You Want To Stop Liberal Bullying, Start By Telling Them To Buzz Off

Kurt Schlichter:

Well, not “buzz.”

    But you get the point. We are experiencing an epidemic of liberals trying to push us around. And, since life is really just high school, except with older and stupider people, schoolyard rules apply. So when someone tries to bully, you smack him. Hard. Right in the Pelosi.

    That’s what we need to do the liberals when they form their creepy little social media lynch mobs. This nonsense about cowering and apologizing and begging for forgiveness from these petty tyrants needs to stop. Besides being undignified and shameful, submission just encourages them.

    Take whoever Shania Twain is. I understand she was once a country singer. Apparently, her image is calculated to project some sort of inoffensive, non-threatening Girl Power! vibe. You know, the kind of tedious “You go girl!” empowerment affirmation that temporarily eases the pain of its adherents’ lonely, cat-filled lives.

    We don’t need a man when we have you, Mr. Whiskers!

    Anyway, Shania recently manifested the awesome power of girlhood when liberals complained that she dared to say something that offended them – she said she would have voted for Trump if she wasn’t the one foreigner in America who didn’t vote. Basically, she said she was like 43% of Americans, and that’s far too extreme to be tolerated by the Twitterstapo. She surrendered and submitted to their wrath, groveling for forgiveness. Sure, she’s Canadian, but that’s really no excuse.  more

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  1. “you have no power over me”……to quote sarah from the labyrinth…….

    course, “buzz off” works too….

    ….well….not “buzz”…..

    i loves me some colonel schlichter!!!

  2. Do you let vagrants, bums, hustlers, pimps, tweakers or the Walking Insane circle talk and psychobabble you out of your money or time? If a “no thanks” doesn’t do it, a “fuck off” doesn’t work, then a shiny Florsheim to the ballsack is in order.

  3. I haven’t had to punch anyone. When a leftist calls me an idiot, racist, Nazi, etc., I say, “Oh, name calling? So we’re at the playground now? You know what comes after name calling at the playground, don’t you?”
    So far, it’s shut up every leftist who started that shit with me.

  4. Nothing funnier than hooking a troll, ignoring the person’s desperate need to engage you and waste your time then give them a send off days after the thread has gone cold.


    You gotta call them intolerant racists before they do it to you. Everything they say you just respond, “Geez, you sound very angry and intolerant. Not ALL ______are that way. That sound kinda sexist to me. If Trump was black, you wouldn’t have said that….” etc.

    Nothing makes people MORE IRRITATED than mirroring their own behavior back to them.

  6. Uh, no, no, no ,no! Buzz off? LMFAO (again) I have a pair of old school sapper gloves, it won’t be me “buzzing off”!

    The “buzzing off” reminded me of the John Belushi ‘Killer Bees’ skit on SNL, when they didn’t suck…”yeah, she got gang stang!”, “he got caught buzzing off!”…”we’re the killer bees!” I miss REAL comedy!

    Now I’m laughing MY ass off!

    Those were the days, my friends….

  7. @Dr Tar: I do that over at that asshole site, ‘field negro’!

    Man do I love going there once or so a week and smashing them in the mouth with all the inconvenient facts they try not to think about! Talk about ‘cognitive dissidence’, those motards are about as far from reality as a nog can be and still be on this planet!
    Whitey, whitey, whitey!

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