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“Imagine the compliance”

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  1. Imagine your compliance when I stick the barrel of a revolver in your big, fucking mouth.
    At least Bond villains are comical; hese creatures are ghouls and demons.

  2. Yes, they’re serious. If we keep taking this misguided “high road” we’re on we’re going to find out just how serious they are. I suspect it will be beyond anything we could have imagined.

    Asking ‘pretty please’ ain’t cuttin’ it.

  3. WEF – modern Hitlerites.

    The left and its baggage handlers are so stupid they think the biggest threat ever is from “White Nationalists” carring assault weapons.

    The WEF, Globalists, UN, and Enviros are ones who want to destroy our country and other countries, set up world government, and kill off a big percentage of the world’s population. If they don’t get it done in 12, 10, or 8 years, we, all of us, are all doomed.

    IOW, the most evil plot in human history.

  4. Imagine the death rate of those who try & enforce it in the REAL United States, like AL, TX & MT, & other scattered enclaves!

  5. If WHO gains control over our sovereignty this is going to be pushed on us.
    Probably in the Monkey pox shutdowns. We’ll be live acting the movie “Outbreak”.

  6. …you know, even if you set aside the absolute evil totalitarianism of this, the overweening fascist need fir total control over all God’s children, the fact that they are REQUIRING people to literally kill themselves as guinea pigs for Soience, and the fact that they are NOT my parents, will NOT decide what’s good for me, abd its none of their fucking business in the FIRST place; even setting all that and more aside, even were this an alternate universe where their intentions were pure and good and noble and every drug worked miraculous cures as intened, even if we pretend the impossible and the patently untrue and say that they are absolute angels…

    …they DO know there is NO tech that is absolute reliable and functions perfectly in 100% of all cases, right?

    …this little chip would be taking a ride in the digestive tract of many, many differently shaped INDIVIDUALS, not Generic Human Model PZM-2022, and those people WILL have different body mass, different fat to muscle ratios, different acidities, different diverticula in their bowels that may trap this thing, may or may not have an appendix it can jam itself into, and all that’s BEFORE you get to human elimination in everything from vacuum toilets to literally shitting in the woods.

    You SURE your little chip can adjust for all that variety and all those possible pitfalls?

    …and it’s GOTTA hit a network somewhere. Much as you might want to think you have the nation perfectly electronically leashed, there’s a TON of places a signal can’t get through. I’d say your little doololly can’t ping its mission accomplished forever, and may be dead by the time you get back out of the woods or even through that tunnel.

    …but it’s for COMPLIANCE.

    Compliance means force.

    …sooo, you’re gonna send FBI thugs to beat Grandpa Walton living in the hills of Tennessee with no cellphone coverage because your pill had no network to report to? You gonna go to Sra Lanka and have Gurkhas beat Mahendra Singh because it came out in the river water and couldn’t ping?

    You gonna fuck up the face on GD EVERYONE every time your crap has a systems error?

    …that’s gonnabe a FUCKTON of beating, Champ, and that’s JUST the people who ACTUALLY COMPLIED BUT YOUR SHIT DIDN’T WORK TO REPORT IT RIGHT.

    There’s gonna be a LOT more who actually WON’T comply, FUCK your pill.

    …and if you beat enough compliant people for your chip malfunctions, enough fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, word will get around, and folks will realize there’s no guaranteed peace even in surrender.

    …you’ll get what you DESERVE shortly after that.

    …its funny that we’re living out the ORIGINAL Frank Herbert plot of DUNE.

    “Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.”
    Frank Herbert, “Dune”

    …prophetic, that.

    …in “Dune” they had a massive revolution and destroyed and outlawed the enslaving machines and killed those that did the enslaving.

    …what will OUR response be?

    …when is enough, ENOUGH?

    …guess we’ll find out…

    Here’s a dramatization of how severe the consequences of a malfunctioning mindless enforcement machine can be.

    What this guy is talking about may end less empathetically, but with the people trying to rule us, we may end up just as dead…


  7. Been here for 15 years now.Nano carbon filament 1/10000
    the size of a human hair.Can be “tuned” to be a radio receiver or transmitter.Folks, years ago “they” stopped telling the general public what “they” have in the way of tech.I saw pictures in Scientific American magazine of a nano silicon electric pump inside a human capillary vein.That was in 1986 !!!

  8. Jason
    MAY 20, 2022 AT 10:48 AM
    “Just give the pill to your dog.”

    …I LIKE my dog!

    …but there ARE these squirrels that keep raiding the bird feeder…

  9. Come on, massive solar flares, wipe out the internet and take us back to the Stone Age. Or at least to 1800. It will be worth living a more primitive life just to see these misbegotten bastards’ hopes, dreams and power lust smashed to bits.

  10. mod
    MAY 20, 2022 AT 12:38 PM
    I can already imagine the TV ads: ̶A̶s̶k̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶d̶o̶c̶t̶o̶r̶ ̶i̶f̶ Your National Health Comisar will tell youthe snitch pill is right for you ?̶, comrade, and only insurrectionists refuse.


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