Indiana: School officer intervenes as school board member physically goes for parent who calls him an ‘idiot’

BPR: A Shenandoah, Indiana school board member lost his temper and was caught on video rushing and attempting to attack a parent who called him an “idiot” during a heated school board meeting on Monday before a school resource officer intervened.

A parent named Jason Greer gave a presentation at that meeting concerning the effects of masking on children’s oxygen levels. A bout of name-calling between Greer and a board member named Alan Troxell commenced. Troxell is the school board’s assistant secretary.

Troxell told Greer at one point, “I don’t want to listen because you don’t make sense.” That was when Greer called him an “idiot.” Troxell then got out of his seat and rushed Greer angrily demanding, “What? What did you say? Did you call me an idiot?”

The board member was blocked by a school resource officer and then returned to his seat. Greer was ordered to leave the meeting.

When Troxell took his seat, he grabbed a sheath of papers and slammed them on the table. He angrily declared, “I ain’t putting up with this sh*t no more” and “I’m not going to sit here and be called an idiot by some dumb***.”

One woman could be heard saying after Troxell threw his fit, “and these are the people that are in charge of our children’s well-being.”

Greer told WTHR in an interview, “During the board meeting I provided a demonstration with an oxygen meter proving that per OSHA standards our kids are breathing unsafe levels of oxygen due to the mask mandate in our school. Mr. Troxell asked a follow-up question. I attempted to answer but he was unwilling to listen. At which point I said, ‘You’re not even trying to understand.’ He said, ‘I don’t want to listen because you don’t make sense.’ I replied with, ‘You’re an idiot.’” WATCH

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  1. “I cordially invite you outside to continue this discussion in much more detail, Mr. Troxell.”
    Would have been fun.

  2. Anger and hostility are symptoms of hypoxia.
    Troxel just demonstrated that he wasn’t getting enough oxygen thru that mask!
    He may well be an idiot.
    Having his hissy fit put on the internet for half the planet to watch clinches it!!

  3. Wild Bill; Yes, they need to contact the DOJ and have the DOJ investigate All taxpayer funded School Boards that have domestic terrorist agendas. From what’s been reported in MSM its a common characteristic.

  4. The officer should have stayed out of it. That communist puke needs a good ass kicking. Slamming his papers like a little bitch. That parent would have cleaned his clock.

  5. Hope he waited in the parking lot. Notice that a school board member physically advancing towards a parent isn’t “domestic terrorism” but calling that idiot and “idiot” is.

  6. money quote: “Shenandoah Schools Superintendant [sic] Ron Greer … saying Troxell will “definitely receive something from our school board president.” ”

    meaning … a ‘little extra’ in the pension (nothing’s too good when it’s on the taxpayer’s dime!) & an embossed plaque from the school board & DHS for standing up to ‘Domestic Terrorism’

  7. They care so much about the children that they must attack the parents that disagree with them.
    Vote with your feet, get them out.


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