Iran Says Retaliation ‘Can Be Deemed Concluded,’ U.S. ‘MUST STAY AWAY’ – IOTW Report

Iran Says Retaliation ‘Can Be Deemed Concluded,’ U.S. ‘MUST STAY AWAY’

Breitbart: Iran’s mission to the United Nations released a statement about the attack on Israel on Saturday evening, saying that Iran’s retaliation “can be deemed concluded,” unless Israel or the United States escalates further. more

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  1. The highly ineffective drone attack was nothing more that a Dog and Pony show for Arabs in the region. A face saving gesture to demonstrate a “retaliation” against Israel for the assassination of their high ranking generals. Now they are done, no harm, no foul. Israel was not damaged, Biden can appease the domestic muzzies by not supporting Israel’s response (which was never going to happen anyway). The dance continues.

  2. Aren’t those Iranian and other Mideast ‘enemies’ just great? I mean, they’re EXACTLY like our MIC wants them to be! Threatening, warlike, but only reasonably violent before calling for a ceasefire or saying “We’re done!”

    What restraint! Islam is so great, isn’t it?! Some advanced weapons are allowed to them without them knowing who’s actually pulling the strings. But we maintain the defensive cards and could also wipe them out any time as a stopgap in case our calculations are wrong.

    Hey, there’s money to be made from ongoing wars in the Middle East! And various military industrial complexes are not about to be short changed!

  3. Here is the CNN headline this morning:

    Iran’s attack seemed planned to minimize casualties while maximizing spectacle.

    I smell a truckload of bullshit. Casualties were minimized because Israel’s defenses hit them while they were still in the air. CNN are lying asshole.

    So death dealing missiles and drones are just for show? If that’s the case, Iran only had to stage a fireworks display over Israel.

    I despise CNN.

  4. This weeks highly skilled Washington War Lords have all the answers… More Taxpayer Dollars, Trump did it, and everything is just fine, Repeat, repeat, repeat…..

  5. Israel will decide when it’s over.
    What I would like to see;
    Many Iranians want liberty, many have been jailed, tortured and eliminated. The religious fanatics who control all aspects of Iranian Life should be targeted.
    Help the Iranians gain their liberty.


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