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Is Ayn Rand’s Prophecy of Doom Coming True?

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American Thinker:
By Eric Utter

The headlong rush  by Western nations to not only abandon fossil fuels, but punish those involved in extracting and producing them is not only foolish, but suicidal.  There is simply no way to quickly transition from abundant and inexpensive energy to solar, wind, and electric without causing massive disruption and pain for the vast majority of non-elites.

Combine this insane energy policy with the elites’ simultaneous threat to shut down thousands of farms if they don’t adhere to draconian measures to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions and you have a recipe for privation, and — at least eventually — for great fear, anger, and chaos.

And this at a time of severe economic uncertainty and supply chain issues.  For no legitimate reason, the West is determined to transition from a time of wealth and plenty to one of probable privation and famine.  Stunning. MORE

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  1. They want most of us dead.

    They’ve TOLD us that.

    Why don’t we BELIEVE them?

    They are killing us with poison, denying us medical care, curtailing our food, cutting off our heat, and turning the ignorant and the violent loose to burn our cities with us in them.

    Starvation has always been the favored weapon of the busy dictator.

    If you know your history, you cannot be surprised.

  2. One of the major problems I had with Rand’s worldview is she concedes good intentions to Satanists and accepts that they are motivated by a misguided, but sincere, altruistic urges. I would put up for consideration that being an atheist Rand also rejects the existence of Satan and was not open to these individuals being incapable of altruism and having thrown in their lot with Satan are dedicated to increasing innocent human suffering, misery and death. Satan is a murder, a liar and a thief and, of course, Satan’s followers wish to emulate their dark prince. Once they threw in with Satan surrendered their birthright as a child of God and at that point to expect them even capable sincerity or good intentions is to embark on a fool’s errand.

  3. A lot of what’s happening now is unprecedented, unnatural, and far more evil than anything that has ever happened on this planet.

    Taking little boys and making them little girls, and vice versa, shutting down farmers, creating pandemics, promoting perversions, killing babies in the womb, stopping deliveries of food for babies that managed to survive the abortion holocaust – all and much more is truly evil shit.

    It’s the stuff of horror and science fiction movies – but it’s too real.

  4. In many respects she was even more accurate than George Orwell.

    She is absolutely my Favourite Author and I have taken many lessons from Atlas Shrugged.

    I have no more pity for people who Vote Themselves into Suffering.

  5. I have been reading Bonhoeffer’s musings on stupidity. The gist is that Bonhoeffer believed that stupid people are far more capable of doing evil than evil people, and they cannot be swayed by logic or reason. The only answer is to have a higher percentage of intelligent people than stupid people. Incidentally, Bonhoeffer maintained that stupidity had nothing to do with IQ or educational level – highly educated persons were just as capable of being stupid than anyone.

    This tends to explain a lot – at least to me. I had always joked that the difference between Republicans and Democrats was that Republicans at least derived some personal benefit from their daft and corrupt policies while Democrats promoted the liberal agenda for no reason at all. If anyone has ever tried to argue rationally with a progressive, Bonhoeffer’s theories on stupidity makes sense.

    One tip off for spotting a stupid person of any political leaning is if that person relies on slogans instead of rational thought. “Black lives matter.” “Believe all women.” “Me too.” “Hope and Change.” “Forward.” “Tippiecanoe and Tyler too.” There may be a kernel of truth in any particular slogan, but not everything is universal nor do slogans necessarily rely on facts, and slogans are no replacement for thinking. Think Alyssa Milano and her reliance on slogans as a substitute for intelligence.

    The distressing part of Bonhoeffer’s writings on stupidity lies in his belief that one cannot argue or reason with the stupid. This is proven by our current crop of socialists and communists; over the past one hundred years or so we have proven over and over throughout the world that communism does not work, yet politicians like Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez insist that it can work. For the politicians who would presumably be members of the resulting politburo, communism may work. For the rest of us…not so much.

    I don’t know what the answer is, except that we need to take back the schools and teach people to think again.

  6. U.S. Capitalism (i.e., freedom) took the world from under one to eight Billion people. That’s never happened before. But like the very philosophical precepts in our Constitution that enabled it, there are no guarantees that it won’t be destroyed in the end by vicious slobs and gutless slugs.

  7. Universal truth, stupid people think they’re smarter than you.
    The beginning of wisdom is to fear God. I like to ask people are they wiser than the Bible?
    I agree with you Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who happened to be executed two weeks before the Germans surrendered.

  8. Destroy energy production, destroy agriculture, while at the same time allowing 6 million (and counting) unskilled, uneducated, government-dependent illegals into the country. There is only one end game to all of this, and it ain’t good.

  9. JDHasty,
    It isn’t necessary to believe in Satan to embrace his Evil.
    Probably easier for most if they don’t.
    Many (mistakenly) see Satan as Prometheus – the one who freed mankind from darkness and ignorance by giving us fire and sharing the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

    Doesn’t really work for a comment, so I’ll let it go at that.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  10. @ Wyatt, Insensitive Progressive Jerk DECEMBER 14, 2022 AT 3:00 PM

    I too have given consideration to Bonhoeffer’s theory and where I differ is that being stupid does not preclude being wicked and motivated by evil intent. When I pondered that I came away with the thought that they quite possibly feed each other. I have posted that in my mind “willful ignorance” does nothing to minimize or mitigate ones complicity in evil, that if anything, it increases one’s culpability. How anyone with any degree of discernment could fail to recognize willful ignorance as something the progressive movement promotes as a virtue (given their obvious and demonstrated proclivity for self censorship of dissenting opinion among it’s followers), I would put out for consideration that stupidity of this nature goes hand in hand with wickedness and evil intent.

    Prog policies are demonstrably stupid, wicked and evil when judged by what they demonstrably and invariably ultimately produce both for society as well as for the individual victims wherever and whenever progs achieve critical mass, seize power and are in position to implement their agenda.

    To argue otherwise is to argue that confusion and chaos is something God intended. How confusion and chaos can be what God wants for mankind isn’t consistent with any concept of Christianity I am familiar with. Therefore progressivism practically defines itself as an enemy of The Good. They my not like that this is where logic leads me, but I see no better explanation and that is what I believe and an abbreviated synopsis to what lead me to that conclusion.


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