Is my ‘real ID’ a REAL ID?

American Thinker:

The United States government is tightening security by providing a higher level of identification validation.  This isn’t new — the REAL ID Act passed in 2005 — but it’s taking effect next year.  It was passed in an effort are to make it more difficult to counterfeit peoples’ identity and personal information using their identification cards (IDs) like state driver’s licenses.  The problem is, how much good will it do if people who need to update their IDs to this higher security format don’t know they need to do so?

The U.S. Travel Association reports that 57 percent of people are not even aware of the upcoming deadline scheduled for October 1, 2020.  That said, 72 percent of people are not prepared for the transition, and 39 percent are not in possession of any compliant form of ID.

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  1. October 1, 2020?
    Not that it will matter for the election.
    I know, but they have to pretend and distract to be doing something other than impeachment.

  2. After decades of issuing drivers licenses to illegals, Oregon is finally being forced into compliance Next year. Of course, if you want the Real ID compliant drivers license, you will have to pay extra. Isn’t one-Party rule GREAT?

  3. This is National ID territory – very Big Brother. An interstate passport. I wish I could avoid it like the plague. Really was hoping The Trump Administration would be able to block Real ID, by executive order, but it must be something our majority socialist Demwit/RINO Congress has to address – that will never happen. Real ID if strictly implemented might make air and interstate travel restricted in the future. 1984 Scary.

  4. A US passport also meets the new requirements. So if you do not have the Real ID but do have a passport you are fine. Just remember to have it with you for domestic flights.

  5. my state of Louisiana is one of the states that doesnt issue RealID-compliant drivers licenses. And you have to go to a state DMV office and pay extra to get a compliant ID, instead of going to one of the many private documentation offices scattered across the state. But the wait-times at the DMV are horrendous.

    I solved the problem a couple years back – I renewed my passport and got both the old-style passport and the credit card size passport card. And then I did the TSA Pre-Check BS. TSA here in NOLA love messing with all the tourists leaving for home who are usually still drunk from their Bourbon Street binge from the night before. So I love sauntering up to TSA in the Pre-Check line, watching their smirky little faces as they anticipate turning me away. I hand ’em my passport and it’s zip on thru every time.

  6. The Real ID is typical progressive government at work; they corrupted drivers licenses by issuing them to anyone and everyone, regardless of their citizenship status, and after all hell breaks loose, they present us with the “cure”, which, of course costs us more money, Any bets how long it takes the SJWs to demand the states provide illegals with Real ID, because equality, or something.

  7. Got my real ID done a month back. I’ve got an elderly mother on the other side of the country.

    Just in case.

    My passport is expired, but that’s OK. No places i want to go outside the US. Plus passport prices are ridiculous now. When did that happen?

    It’s all you can do to get me on a plane anymore. Plus passengers like it when I remove my belt and then put my hands over my head, pants dropping to my ankles in my TSA SUCKS underwear.

  8. Why do we have to pay for either a Passport or Drivers License? We already pay for them through our taxes! We pay for the bureaucrats time, supplies, postage, building, equipment, etc regardless of whether anyone actually gets a Passport or Drivers license! Everything is pre-paid for, yet we pay extra for the bureaucrats time, supplies, postage, building, equipment, etc!

  9. I have a enhanced drivers license through the state of Michigan. I need it or a passport to visit my mom across the river in Canada. Was making a transaction to buy my Aunt her cigarettes and the clerk asked for ID. Gave him my license and he bagan to hold it up to the scanner. I snatched it back from him and said no way. There is a lot of info about me on that hunk of plastic and I didn’t intend to share it with a stranger. I told them only cops and immigration are allowed to scan that baby. I get enough junk mail and there is no reason to scan the thing. They scan your license and then sell your digital info to a different party. Don’t let businesses do that and pitch a fit if they do.

  10. Pay Twice, in my case I live adjacent to Ontario, Canada and we are separated by a International Waterway. I have to cross a bridge or take a ferry downriver to visit. They didn’t require passports from U.S. travelers until 911. That event changed everything. I still cross relatively easily but it’s definitely different and you have a much enhanced chance of being sent over to customs for inspection and further interviewing.

  11. Just self-identify as a minority and tell them it’s too much trouble for you to go through all that red tape, being poor and disadvantaged and all. If they insist, tell them that they are racist.

  12. Fcuk off! I was born in this state and with the exception of a few months, I’ve lived here my entire life. The state has more than enough history on me to just issue a Real ID. My passport is federally issued and is compliant for Real ID. I don’t need to pay the state ANYTHING, further, it needs NO MORE PROOF, as to who I am!


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