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Is the US government the most corrupt organization in the world

Revolver: Biden regime just proved once and for all that the US government is the most corrupt organization in the world, and it’s not even close.

Our justice system is a goner. The writing was on the wall the moment Douglass Mackey got a federal prison slot for posting an anti-Hillary meme. Then, seeing J6 patriots branded as domestic terrorists and political prisoners sealed the deal. And when they threw a parade of sham indictments at President Trump, also known as “election interference,” well, that was the cherry on top. However, if anyone’s still thinking our system might have a shred of fairness left, this latest saga ought to flip that switch for you and prove once and for all that the US Government is the most corrupt organization in the world and it’s not even close.

What has the Biden regime been up to now? The woman affectionately dubbed the “J6 Grandma,” Rebecca Lavrenz, found herself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Captured on video praying outside the Capitol on January 6th, she ventured inside for about ten minutes, where she was recorded having a peaceful exchange with a police officer. Yet, astonishingly, in what’s supposed to be the “land of the free,” she was put on trial, found guilty, and now stares down the barrel of federal prison time and up to a quarter-million dollars in fines. At 72, this Christian grandmother from Colorado embodies the harsh truth: The United States, for all its lofty claims of moral superiority, operates with a level of tyranny that rivals the most oppressive regimes, all while convincing much of the world it’s the bastion of “freedom,” brimming with liberty and justice. At least with tyrants in North Korea and similar regimes, the situation is pretty clear-cut; you know exactly what you’re dealing with. But the US government plays the game with a more cunning and evil twist. It’s not just that dissent is crushed and voices silenced; it’s how it’s done—with a wide smile and draped in layers of propaganda so thick, you’d need a shovel to find your way out. This approach makes the US government’s tactics not just oppressive but insidiously deceptive. We’re the most dangerous kind of villain: the kind that masquerades as a hero.

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  1. What was that historic comment somebody wrote about “when citizens begin to fear their government” or some such?

    We are here…

    Just like the Police are not you’re friend so are the members of government who are not the solution but are the problem…

  2. Even obozo, as wicked as he is, he’s merely a Hood Ornament (pun intended) for a theft machine of historically ginormous epic scope.

    chocolate jesus was falsely installed, no different than Shitpants

  3. The Dirty Dems think they’re scaring us?
    They’re just pissing us off and inspiring us to hang signs and flags and speak up and be more determined to go vote for Trump and any other non swamp creatures.


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