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Is the Transgender Fad a Triumph of Marketing?

American Thinker:

By James Stansbury

The number of cases of child gender dysphoria in the U.S. has now exploded well over 1,000 times above its historically tiny 0.01 percent of the population. This unnatural surge in popularity has all the symptoms of a fad, and most parents are concerned (except for the woke).  Stories of trans-regrets abound, but little is said in the leftist-controlled media to discourage young people from taking hormones or opting for irreversible life-altering surgery.  Transitioning is now called gender-affirming care and is encouraged with or without parental approval.  This is happening nationwide and suggests a well-coordinated plan exists. 

There are at least four classifications of groups marketing the trans agenda. 

(1)  Government:  The Biden administration and virtually the entire Democrat Party (at both the federal and state level) believe that gender-affirming policy and using our tax dollars to sexually groom kids is a good thing.  According to the Federalist:

“Federal grants are funding the interest groups spearheading efforts to “queer” education around the country… These groups are hijacking laws with sensible-sounding aims and attempting to create revolutionary changes in sexuality… These nonprofits push the theory that sexual repression is to blame for sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancy and they hold that greater and earlier openness about sexuality and more inclusivity will prevent all evils… Their curricula encourage sexualizing children as a preventive measure. They believe they occupy the moral high ground: opposing their sexualization of children means encouraging disease, suicide, and unwanted pregnancy.” 

(2)  Educators: Our education system is on the front lines with many new woke teachers who will actively influence K-12 students to accept gender-affirming measures and are willing to keep it a secret from parents.  However, there are many more players than woke schoolteachers inside the educational system helping to hypersexualize our children.  This shocking video from the No Left Turn in Education organization describes the growing and extremely disturbing web of powerful organizations involved.  This is obviously a well-funded, multiheaded monster that will be difficult to defeat.

(3)  Opportunists:  Follow the money. more

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  1. Like I said in my other post I do think it’s a fad when it’s coming from kids except the very small minority who have a mental illness, kids want attention, this gets them attention.

    Another thing that has happened in schools is the focus on bullying, where everything is bullying, now kids don’t keep other kids in check. When I was a kid you wouldn’t have had a queer fad or a transgender fad because the kids would have been teased unmercifully. Do that today and you’re a bully. Yet bullies in my day were true bullies and usually also put in their place when someone stood up to them.

  2. Propaganda is a form of marketing and certainly this is the worst kind because it is aimed right at our children as a sick, twisted plot to confuse, pervert and foul up the next generation and turn them into dysfunctional donkeys!

  3. Even Yuri Bezmenov would be amazed at the effect that the Cold War had on American (western) universities & the effect of “Demoralization” on citizens.

    Kindly watch his video on Y-tube: “The Four Stages of Ideological Subversion (1984)
    If you have not seen it before, it explains a lot of what we are living.

    Also, Read or Re-Read: “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand.

    Both were people who lived under communism & were warning of exactly what we are witnessing now.

  4. A triumph of marketing? Yes. Just as it was for queerdom, or LSMFT as they call it. 99.44% of this behavior, lifestyle, call it what you will, is a free-will choice; the rest is mental illness, whatever the cause.

  5. Rev. Russell B Host of Coffee Breath Conversations
    Replying to
    Trans Kids are the new Gucci Handbag for the Upper Middle Class Wine Mommies who need attention.


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