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ISIS Burns 19 Yazidi Girls Alive in Cage, Where is Obama, Hillary?

RightPundits: The Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, publicly burned 19 girls alive in a cage in Mosul last week Thursday. The Main Stream Media hardly noted the event. Neither Barack nor Michelle Obama said anything about it. Nor did that ′champion′ of women, Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton. Where is the outrage? Where is #StopBurningWomen? Or #YazidiLivesMatter? No, we get none of that because this is an embarrassment to the Obama administration and to presidential candidate Crooked Hillary Clinton. They are more likely to blame the Yazidi women for not wanting to have sex with Muslim men. They must be racists or Islamophobes and got what they deserved for their sins.

Maybe I am being a bit cruel here but its a cruel world. Especially after eight years of Obama and four years with Crooked Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Iraq was practically pacified thanks to ′The Surge′ at the end of the Bush′43 administration. The core group of what would soon to become known as the Islamic State consisted of at most some 37 enemy noncombatants. Had Obama and Clinton followed through on getting a ′Status of Forces′ agreement with Iraq, and a small military presence been left to finish the job, ISIS might never had happened.  more

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  1. maybe we should all wear purple for a day, that would show ISIS that we mean business. Or maybe, we should have a president with enough balls to put together a coalition force and wipe the muslim cowards in ISIS off the face of the earth. I have heard generals say it would take 30-60 days if we took the right stance.

  2. what is sickening is that for all the money and soldiers lives and health that the USA sacrificed in the gulf wars by the war playing politicians should have resulted in decisive victories and freedom of the people of the middle east from the scourge of islam but has only resulted in massive upheaval, emigration and displacement all because war playing politicians think you can fight a humane war.

  3. HilLIARy can mimic Moose and have her picture taken whilst holding a handwritten sign that says “Don’t burn our girls.”

    That’ll teach ’em.

  4. Announce we’re coming for them. Announce that we’ll move without restriction, wherever we will, soft as snow at midnight. That anyone who aides them in ANY way will be counted and treated as one of them. That they’ll know we’re coming but knowing won’t help. That they won’t ever see us. That that no matter where they run, eventually we’ll make people talk and we’ll find them. That we’re capable of far worse than we were accused of at Gitmo.

    Announce this after the move is already being made. Set a prompt example of heads on pikes, pig hooves in dead mouths, televised worldwide with one caption:

    “Don’t try to surrender, it will not be accepted. This is the fate of you all.”

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