ISIS is based on real Islam

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… it can’t be left to the politicians

[…] Having the reality of ISIS beamed into their living rooms however, is clearly causing some discomfort. Even for Muslims living in brutal Islamic dictatorships, the thought of living under ISIS seems to be keeping some of them up at night.

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In fact, some high profile Muslims are now doing what would have been unthinkable just a couple of years ago.

They are publicly questioning the core precepts of Islam itself. They are also demanding answers from their Islamic clerics.

Most Muslims are unfamiliar with the details of their religion and rely on these scholars for guidance. Many Muslims are now starting to wonder why the scholars are not providing these answers.  MORE

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  1. Barack Hussein Obama: The road apple didn’t fall far from the Trojan Horse!

    It’s pretty obvious that the reality of ISIS beamed into living rooms won’t be including any Budweiser “Real Muzlims of Genius” commercials…

  2. The author goes on in his post to reference how the left has corroded our governments by indoctrinating our children with nonsense.

    We overlook the results leftist policies in our own backyard. The US has tested socialism for 50+ years in the Democratic run big cities. How have these laboratories fared? Exactly the same as every socialist venture: extreme income inequality, destruction of the middle class, exodus of job providing businesses, destruction of the family, escalating crime especially violent crime, repression (snitches get stitches), failed education system and feral citizens.

  3. I can honestly say I have never heard one “Christian” ever worry about not supporting the prophet of Islam. Christians tend to support Jesus, not Mohamhead.

  4. FTA: “Things are about to get a whole lot worse for these Islamic charlatans.

    Charlatans? They (IS) slavishly obey their satanic koran. They are real muslims, not pretend ones. You are never going to change them, or their gutter religion, or convince them that their false prophet is false.

    Go google ‘taqiyya’ and ‘kitman’ – that is a good place to start learning about muslims and islam.

    There are two paths in front of humanity. One leads to the future. The other leads to an unchanging hell-on-earth replicating the seventh century on the Arabian Peninsula, until humans go extinct.

    If you want a better world, you want them all dead. This is what it will take. Nothing less.

  5. I read a book earlier this year called ‘Ciaro to Damscus’ excellent read, which basically said hitler was the grand mufi’s bitch. The grand mufti was the one who suggested to exterminated the Jewish people’s.

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