Italian man granted divorce after claiming wife ‘possessed by devil’

Prepare the jokes!

The Local IT: The woman had exhibited “inexplicable behaviour” since 2007, including fits, stiffening, and other “unusual phenomena”, a Milan court heard. Her husband attributed the episodes to “demonic possession”.

Her sister, as well as a priest and a Capuchin monk confirmed the strange behaviour, testifying that the woman – a devout Catholic – had at one point knocked over a church pew, hurling it towards the altar using just one hand.  more

15 Comments on Italian man granted divorce after claiming wife ‘possessed by devil’

  1. Hey, it happens.
    Jill’s been possessed by the devil … from time to time.

    (mostly when I been fondling little girls in public)

  2. Someone needs to explain basic biology to the dude and the courts of Milan. It’s called a “menstrual cycle”. You just have to ride it out remind yourself to show more love and compassion all the while keeping all the hard objects that can be used as melee or missile weapons locked up.

    That’s how I have to roll but then again my wife has red hair and all the years of her being teased only augments the “fits, stiffening, and other ‘unusual phenomena'”

  3. I mean, it IS possible, but it could also be that she’s mentally unbalanced… However, having been around someone who is demonically oppressed [rather than possessed], those kind of behaviors ARE caused by it.

  4. As bad as my ex was – not Satan.

    Just selfish. In the extreme, but just selfish. Not even a lost cause. Amazing how nice she can be once her tentacles have been cut from you.

    You have to work your way up the ladder before landing on if this woman’s possessed.

    Have they ever tried offering her a Snickers?

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