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Italian Strongman Largely Solves the Migrant Crisis


From Voice of America:

IOM: No Reports of Migrant Deaths in Mediterranean in Past 20 Days

August 29, 2017 2:35 PM

GENEVA — The International Organization for Migration reports no migrants have died while crossing the Mediterranean Sea over the past 20 days. …

The International Organization for Migration reports a total of 2,410 Mediterranean Sea fatalities so far this year. IOM spokesman Leonard Doyle says it is remarkable to go without a single reported death for 20 days. He acknowledges it is very hard to know exactly why. …

“The flows from Libya have diminished. If you recall in July, there were days when 3,000 people were picked up in one weekend. You remember that. Now, we have very, very few. So, something is happening. We are not sure what is behind it all.”

I can guess. From Reuters earlier this month:

Italy seizes NGO rescue boat for allegedly aiding illegal migration

AUGUST 2, 2017

By Wladimiro Pantaleone

PALERMO, Italy (Reuters) – Italian coastguards seized a migrant rescue boat operated by a German aid group in the Mediterranean suspected of aiding illegal immigration from Libya, a prosecutor said on Wednesday. …

It was the first time Italian police have seized a humanitarian boat.

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  1. Most logical action I’ve heard of during this whole invasion. That’s what it is. It’s not a migrant crisis. It’s an invasion.

  2. “International Organization for Migration”, hey?

    An arm of the UN, spreading third-world misery all over the globe.

  3. None of these “refugee” organizations gave a rat’s ass about the Vietnamese boat people. Every one of those Vietnamese boat people who reached shore were not considered refugees or immigrants, but illegal aliens.

  4. Isn’t that so neighborly of the Germans to be herding invaders into Italy?

    It’s as if Hitler is still alive to trash his friend Benito’s homeland.

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