‘It’s A Hive Mind Cult’: Lesbian Torches Woke LGBT Community In Farewell Video to the Left

Townhall: Our friends at Twitchy found this interesting video. It’s from activist, sex educator, and LGBT culture vlogger Arielle Scarcella, who has had it with the youngins in her community. They’re insane. That’s pretty much what she lays out in her “coming out” video. It’s short. It’s sweet. It lists all the ways in which the LGBT community has gone insane. Scarcella announces she’s leaving the Left and for the reasons she gives—you wouldn’t blame her. Leave out the LGBT part, she notes that she doesn’t follow the current orthodoxy that white straight males are evil, that black straight men are the white dudes of…black people. 

It’s not just an LGBT thing. This leeches into other areas too because liberalism, by and large, is just making up crap to fit one’s stupid, condescending, and hypocritical view. Case in point, how the Left in the Black Lives Matter movement view black police officers. Milky white Antifa members, who probably have never worked a day in their lives, are caught on video hurling racial epithets at black cops, but it’s okay because those black police officers are…just like white cops or something. WATCH

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  1. It’d be tragic if our side lost any bleached elastic starfishes to the conservatives!

  2. Someone needs to tap dat azz to make the conversion complete.

    Wow….. this is gonna’ be one of those short straw is the loser deals.

    You fellas’ can ro sham bo it or whatever, I’m married so I get to dodge this particular bullet.

  3. I have had numerous lesbian friends over the years. (Must be because they’re like “guys”.) Two of them are currently very good friends. One is an oral surgeon who gives has given me two free implants and I stay at her house when I’m in the area. The other is a doctor who doesn’t charge me for medical care. Both are avid pro-capitalist Trump supporters.

  4. My only (and biggest) concern about these cases of “former” hard core Democrats is that they never seem to educate themselves about the foundations of conservatism. They know nothing of Originalism, the Federalists, or even the roots and ideology that make up the Democrat party and why it is fundamentally anti-constitution and anti-American. So they get fed up with the radical policies of the Democrat party and relocate to states like Washington and Texas and Idaho and Wyoming to get away from them and end up advocating and voting in the same damn kinds of people and policies they left in their shith*le states and then wonder why the places they move to turn into sh*tholes. They’re just ignorant about the basics.

    I see a woman whose own, personal ox got gored and she’s fed up for personal reasons — not because she’s worried for her (non-existent) children. That, right there, is not in the character of conservatives. We care about the universal, God-given freedom of humanity, not what the state has done or not done for us lately.

  5. @ Billy Fuster FEBRUARY 28, 2020 AT 6:12 PM

    The lesbian friends I have have some common traits as to how they regard men in a positive way. Having an honest relationship is all I need to do. The ones I sailed with in the 90s are still in my life.

    Something odd: I still take care of a gay christian church I met through these women. I do not know how that works to this day. They profess love of Jesus. But..

    Let’s just say – I will have questions.

  6. @ AbigailAdams FEBRUARY 28, 2020 AT 8:46 PM

    That’ll give them a headache to figure that all out and retain it.

    I suggest the Popiel Pocket Version:

    Dem bad. Left bad.
    Vote Conservative.


    Give them small bites. If they were geniuses like you, they would have been conservatives a long time ago. 😉

  7. Wow. What @MJA said first.

    Just to add, it must be a bit maddening for her a bit, this social construct Discovery.

  8. Dadof4 — In the short term, I agree. I don’t much care why they vote Republican, only that they do. However (and I think this is vitally important), I also believe that knowing why one is a conservative or why one is a Democrat has to be understood. Just as we know how to discern a RINO from a Republican, former Democrat voters should know how they were manipulated by the Democrat party. Otherwise, they just keep being duped by people who would have them believe the Dems are well-intentioned, when they really have a sinister agenda that is anti-American.

    I know it takes a while for people to understand these things. I’m no genius, but it was/is important to me to be able to tell people why I think what I think and not resort to jingles and bumper sticker slogans.

  9. @ Brown Eyed Girl FEBRUARY 28, 2020 AT 9:54 PM

    I saw snippets of other videos of hers and one had a “coming out of the closet… as conservative” cut.

    Abigail, I think you have the basics down for success at anything. You’d make a great race captain in a sailboat for these very reasons. Just different Xs and Ys for the problem at hand. Same attention needed for many factors and a goal.

  10. This has been going on for quite some time
    Is another link I forwarded along with the one above earlier this week.

    The rift is actually huge and divides the SJWs, those who are exploiting transgenders, from LGB & T individuals who see themselves as not opportunists and look at me’s

    To be frank, these people are afraid to speak out. Rightly so IMHO. They make up a not insignificant proportion of the LGBT community at large. This has the potential to become a civil war within that Democrat constituency that has the potential to bleed into other solidly Democratic factions.

    I see this as a good thing. I have a friend who has a brother who is a hardcore Democrat activist and leader in the Seattle area and he says that his brother says they are scared shitless where this may head if it really takes off. He is afraid that it will become impossible to unify Democrats behind a single candidate in the future.

  11. Not too thrilled with her. Within a week of posting her liberation from the left vid she posted a video on Youtube showing a porn star giving her rather graphic advice on how to “squirt”. Thanks, but no thanks


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