It’s All About Kamala

Kamala Harris’ Emotional Hijacking of the Debate | Purity & Control. Watch

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  1. Scott Adams was very impressed with her performance.
    Frankly, when she announced a few months ago it appeared that MSM had chosen her. I was surprised to see Biden doing so well – but that same MSM has sure been attacking him the past couple of weeks.
    Also, Bernie will never, ever win. Is he a Dem yet or still Independent?

  2. Question: this “woman of color” injects race into every aspect of her campaign, yet she is married to a White Man; why does she never get asked about that? why does she get a “pass” for that from the Liberal press? it wouldn’t be an issue except the woman looks at everything thru the prism of her Race.

  3. It sure as hell ain’t about us. It’s about them, it’s about power, it’s about $$, whatever it takes. Screw those who believe in the real America.

    What a bunch of complete BULLSHIT, each and every one of them.

  4. I despise most liberals but as for democrap nominees, I have a desire to keep as much distance from her as possible.

    I sense nothing but pure evil.

  5. I heard her foreign policy is based off how many inches of mercury she can pull when dealing with the mad mullahs.

  6. The bar is low for “perform” during the commie cattle call.

    Obama’s lying line was “there’s no white America or Black America, red America or Blue America”. He didn’t mean it but he said it.

    Kabbalah is explicitly saying she is part of the 13% that is black America and will drop a race card from the bottom of the deck at her first opportunity.

    Her record sucks and her prosecutor history is going to bury her. Lightweight dipshit. Too many dicks to suck before she can get to the nomination.

  7. Kamala Mattress will not be President of the United States … her stale, fake anger, mixed w/ her whining victimhood will resonate w/ too few voters

    barking harpies don’t work … ask Hillary

  8. Her behavior during the 1b debate bothered me. Her insistence that SHE be heard each and every time she opened her mouth … and everyone finally deferring to her, just struck me as odd.

    This image is spot on. THAT’S what was bugging me! She is a female narcissistic Obama!

  9. They’re success depends on having the majority behind them. What makes up the majority? people in the two digit IQ range people do.
    These people aren’t very bright but they can follow instructions on what to do at the voting booth.

  10. Of course, not to be confused by facts, the school to which she was bussed to achieve integration was actually integrated a year before she was born.


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