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It’s Buyer’s Remorse Over Joe Biden

Howie Carr:

If you want to watch a low-info Democrat voter’s head explode, just ask them this one simple question:

“Who did you vote for in 2020?”

It’s been a long time since anybody, even those with full-blown cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome, puffed out their chests and proudly proclaimed: “I’m with Brandon!”

Until recently, however, many Democrats could somehow avert their eyes from the dystopian dysfunction and devastation that their hero (or his care-givers at the assisted-living facility that is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue) have wrought.

Somehow they were able to explain away their temporary insanity in November 2020 by blurting out, “But… Trump!” Or some variation thereof.

At this point, however, buyers’ remorse is sweeping even the deepest blue bastions of the trust-funded and the non-working classes. Even Democrat operatives with press passes are find it ever more difficult to sputter out even the lamest defenses of Dementia Joe Biden. Which is why they cringe when you pose the question to them:

“Who did you vote for in 2020?”

It’s my go-to question now in certain social situations, at least if I want to end a conversation instantly. Last week, I was doing a radio hit with one of my affiliates, and I asked the 90-year-old host whom he had voted for.

“You’ve asked me that before!” he muttered. “I don’t have to answer that! This isn’t Nazi Germany!” more here

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  1. FIRST, ask who they voted for in 2016.

    THEN ask about 2020.

    FINALLY ask why they can’t answer the second question as readily as the first one.

  2. “Who did you vote for in 2020?”
    How many FAKE votes on 2020!!!!!
    And, Who has to pay for all the free stuff?
    Then follow it up with, “You watch CNN, don’t ya”.

  3. When met with the guilty silence after that question,
    be nice and tell them “do us all a favor and please don’t vote this time”.

  4. @matt — There are two things “Republictards” know for certain:

    1. The Democrats defrauded American citizens in the 2020 election.

    2. One has to have greater faith to be an atheist is 2022, because atheism is deader than a door nail. It has been proved beyond any doubt that Jesus Christ was a real historic figure and that he indeed rose from being dead.
    Repent, turn away from your sin, and believe the truth of Jesus.

  5. “Only in a republictard teeny tiny mind, projection doesn’t seem to be working.”

    I dare you to name one thing Captain Brain Dead has built back better. In fact I dare you to name one thing he hasn’t wrecked. You’re ignorant.

  6. I’ve been around these muppets so long I can tell you exactly what Matt would say ,”Biden is transitioning us to renewables and off fossil fuels (he cares about the planet), he is alert and attuned to the layers of oppression in our society wrt race, sex, and gender and promotes social justice ( subordinating the white patriarchy for the oppressed races and genders), he has opened up our borders to all those impoverished and oppressed foreigners who want a better life, he has protected us from a viral pandemic and made us to what was in our best interest, he is morally redistributing the wealth, taking from greedy capitalists (who made their money off the back of the poor and disenfranchised) and helped college students with their loans and providing a living wage, and he has placed teachers in their proper place, allowing them to decide what is best for the kids, in the face of parents who are hobbled with antiquated notions of morality and social order.

    Matt, how’d I do?

  7. Dominion should be worried that hordes of armed Americans will come gunnin’ for their commie asses and it ain’t gonna be pretty either!

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