“It’s done. The war is over. It’s finished. We’re leaving.” – Farage – IOTW Report

“It’s done. The war is over. It’s finished. We’re leaving.” – Farage

“I fought against this [the EU] for 25 years — much of it on my own — so at least tonight I feel a lot closer.”

Breitbart: Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has said that the Brexit war is over and the UK is “much closer” to leaving the EU after the Conservatives won the General Election.

Speaking in the early hours of Friday morning to Sky News Australia as exit polls predicted a massive majority for the Conservative Party, Mr Farage said: “It’s done. The war is over. It’s finished. We’re leaving.”

After the 2016 referendum, 2017 General Election, 2019 European Parliament elections, and now the December General Election all pointing towards a Leave destination for the UK, Mr Farage declared the Brexit question closed.

However, he said: “Getting Brexit doesn’t end all political arguments. But what it does do, if done properly, take us back to being an independent, democratic, self-governing nation —  something we should never have given up way back in the 1970s. read more

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14 Comments on “It’s done. The war is over. It’s finished. We’re leaving.” – Farage

  1. This is huge. It’s the beginning of the end for globalism in the civilized world.

    Once we throw off the tyranny of central banks, the world will really have a chance a freedom for a change.

  2. I really hope this is a precursor to 2020 and the dems get sent packing for the circus they insist on performing instead of anything for the people. And too close to call again going into yesterday. Polling is meaningless.

  3. If I was suspicious of the global deep state, I would not be surprised if a massive – and I mean unprecedented – terrorist attack hits the UK, costing many lives, followed instantaneously by calls for whatever is their version of martial law, suspending the results of this election indefinitely.

    If I was suspicious.

  4. Don’t give up the ship yet Mr. Farage, you still have one hell of an immigration problem too.
    Just like us, the work is never going to be done until every leftist traitor is transformed into a maggot farm.

  5. No need to import terrorists for an attack in Britain, as there are plenty of the homegrown variety in Northern Ireland –on BOTH sides.

    Curiously, Sinn Fein gained power there in this election, as the economic ties to the EU were a major influence on the peace. The Loyalists (to Britain) are confused and the Republicans (who want to belong the Republic of Ireland) see an opportunity… and there are armed thugs in both camps. It’s a feckin’ island, with the ejits inbred and territorrial, while the sensible ones are intermarried and more interested in the economic future than the historic grudges. This could get messy.

  6. Awesome – I am lovin’ the news from the UK today. They put the socialists on the run, just like they did to the “Jerries” back in 1944-45.

    Somewhere, Winston Churchill is a very happy man today, and somewhere else Clement Attlee is crying his eyes out.

    Next up – Canada to dump Turdeau for a much more manly chap.


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