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It’s more serious than ‘gaffes’

Some of them were from one speech.

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  1. I woke up this morning after a good night’s sleep happy and full of peace and joy and refuse today to let joey’s stupidity and gaffs as well as the lamestream mediadumb to get to me. Thank God for a satisfied mind, I need some time off from the constant drumbeat of doom and gloom that is all too pervasive in today’s insane and sick world.

  2. I’m pretty sure he said “automeal” instead of “automobile”, but who can keep track?

    But I have to say, Kamala’s got a pretty good poker face.

    mm…heheh…He said “poke her face”, Butthead.

  3. @Say What?
    There needs to be something respectable to be respected. Hijacking a national election isn’t to be respected.
    Throwing American citizens into dungeons without the right to a speedy trial isn’t respected.
    Selling our country’s security to the the highest bidder for personal gain isn’t respected.

  4. Absolutely NOTHING will remove the glaring fact that Joe Biden has made an entire career of chronic lying, race supremacy, segregation, stealing, embezzling, sekual abuse and forced child incest, human trafficking, killed millions of people with a phony vaxx, and more. Biden has built an entire industry around the poor and non-white, then exploited them with worthless promises, “gifts”, and political-based prisoner swaps. Think former and ded (white trash) democrat potus LBJ who was mic-dropped as stating, “WE’LL HAVE THESE NI***RS VOTING DEMOCRAT FOR THE NEXT 200 YEARS”.


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