‘It’s Not a Coincidence’: Nancy Pelosi Signs USMCA After Impeachment Announcement

Sara Carter: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi surely had a busy morning. After she joined fellow House Democrats to announce impeachment charges against President Donald Trump, Pelosi conducted a press briefing to announce the passage of the long-awaited United States Mexico Canada Agreement.

She told reporters, however, that “It’s not a coincidence” that it all happened in the same day. more here

11 Comments on ‘It’s Not a Coincidence’: Nancy Pelosi Signs USMCA After Impeachment Announcement

  1. Nancy should be required to wear a heavy duty flour sack to hide her face from anyone who has eaten earlier in the day.

  2. what’s up with her right nostril? She’s been wearing some kind of skin-colored patch there for several weeks now. Maybe all that coke she snorted over the years ate away her nose cartilage?

    I Got It! She got her nostril sliced by a Chink tong when she went to Chinatown in San TRANsisco. “Forget it Nancy. It’s Chinatown.”

  3. President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador had to send a hand-delivered letter to the House urging them to pass this. You know it’s bad when a Mexican has to tell you to get the lead out!!
    Nancy and her House of Misery Merchants don’t want anything to do with making anything better!
    They only care about one thing:

  4. I don’t understand how her signature can be construed as “passage.”
    Doesn’t that take a full House vote?

    Maybe this tyranny thing is further along than we thought?

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. A lot of Dems, including the freshmen from Trump districts, were pressing her to allow the vote. She must have gotten their promise to vote for impeachment. Nancy is right: It’s no coincidence. It’s a straight-up quid pro quo.

  6. If we go by her shenanigans back during the Obamacare debacle, my guess is Nancy dangled USMCA as a lure to get nervous swing-district Democrats to agree to vote on their crap impeachment articles. She probably told them, “I know your constituents have been demanding we take up USMCA. So I’ll tell you what. You agree to vote for impeachment, and I’ll bring USMCA to the floor for a vote.”

    That’s my theory. I think there’s a term for that. What is it again? Oh, yeah. Quid Pro Quo.


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