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It’s the Uncertainty, Stupid

American Greatness:

SCRANTON, Pa.—Ask a restaurant owner how difficult the COVID-19 era has been, and the list of struggles is lengthy—loss of customers, supply chain problems, doubling and sometimes tripling of food costs, utility costs, and the inability to find or keep workers. Many business owners will tell you their revenue has returned to pre-COVID-19 numbers, but that the cost to get there has eroded their profits. They are often making do without the manpower they really need, meaning they are personally working unsustainable hours.

Many are opting to close. During a recent visit here, I found that several places I have frequented over the past few years have closed forever. One, Roberto’s Restaurant and Pizzeria, reopened this April under new ownership committed to preserving the magic that Gene and Maria Verdetti had brought every day to this town for 38 years.

But it isn’t just small business owners that are feeling or experiencing this strain. The problem is everywhere, crossing all races, genders, generations, and political ideologies. It gets right to what is happening in this country regarding how we view the Biden Administration. It doesn’t just not feel our pain—it jumps through hoops to tell us we aren’t feeling that pain at all.

When inflation started to rear its ugly head last year, Joe Biden was quick to tell everyone not to believe their lying eyes. It’s temporary, he said.

When gas prices started to rise over a year ago, Biden was quick to cast blame upon anyone and everyone else, including “gas supply companies,” Vladimir Putin, gas station operators, etc. What he was not quick to say was that he felt your pain.

For his evasions, Biden was rewarded with scores of stories in the New York TimesAxiosBloomberg and countless others echoing his blame-shifting claims, all written by people who all live far from the people and small business owners who were struggling from the impact of both. The inflation, they all insisted in unison, was transitory.  MORE HERE

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  1. Joey is a serial lier, adulterer, plagerist, pedophile, extortonist and gifted. The perfect Donk.

  2. What the Hell are you worried about, the lying, stealing, commies are in control /s

  3. I recognize an E-3 or 4 additional duty when I see it. This’s a shadow boxing keeper.

  4. I’m disappointed; I wanted to see Doktor Jilldo in fishnets and her red ‘fuck me’ pumps. Woof

  5. This article misses the fact that Biden was always an arrogant jerk and that now that he’s in full on dementia those personality flaws are magnified.
    It also misses the fact that Biden is nothing more than a puppet and is not actually running anything and those string pullers don’t care about any financial pain we are experiencing. It’s not that they don’t know.


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