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J6 Political Prisoner Reportedly Denied Cancer Treatment For 8 Months

Christopher Worrell saw his cancer progress from Stage 1 to Stage 3 while in prison.

National File:
A Trump supporter thrown in prison following the January 6th protest was reportedly denied cancer treatment for eight months.

Christopher Worrell, who pled not guilty to six charges brought down on him by the DOJ for his participation in the J6 protest, claims his cancer went from stage 1 to stage 3 during his time in prison.

Worrell’s fiancee, Trish Priller, appeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight show to discuss the DOJ’s shocking treatment of Mr. Worrell.

Priller claims Worrell was refused access to medication prescribed to treat his cancer, which is a form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Worrell was also not allowed to see an oncologist. Eventually, Worrell was released from prison after a U.S. Marshall’s report found him to be living in unacceptable conditions which failed to “meet the minimum standards of confinement.” MORE

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  1. When someone asks themselves just how the fuck did we get to this point, the famous line by Hemingway rings true-Gradually then suddenly.

    We’ve been assaulted for a century by a myriad of crazy bullshit. But the last couple years have been doozies such that lots of people accept genital mutilation of 3-9 year olds is normal. And if you criticize this like Matt Walsh you are fucking vilified.

    So the absolute abandonment of the 4th Amendment is peanuts.

  2. You have to wonder what it will take for people to really get mad. Apparently having elections stolen right out from under their noses isn’t enough. Being constantly told that Americans who disagree with the Totalitarians are the problem isn’t enough. What will it take for the American people to stand and scream “ENOUGH”? Food Riots, no electricity, no Water, criminals running rampant, a total societal collapse where it’s everyone for themselves? We’ve gone way beyond Comity and Fealty thanks to the Democrats and RINOs. Americans have the power to correct the problems, but are too lazy, too ignorant, or just too cowardly to stand up to those in power. So they get what they get and it will never change until they change!

  3. Liberals are not as bad as Nazis yet but this sure looks like a practice run. Whoever made the decision should rot in prison for attempted murder.

  4. Where is Trump in all this? Can’t he afford attorneys for these political prisoners? Between this and his unrepentant support for the ClotShot, we are better off without him.


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