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January 6 ‘Erectionists’

Struggling Joe Biden spiraled out of control of over the weekend when he slammed the January 6 ‘erectionists’ then claimed DEI was the “core” of American history.

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  1. Joe stole the erection. Figures. He can’t even do that by himself.

    Harry –

    Be sure and watch the thousands in the lineup to get at Joe in “Satan Place,” tune in tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. to find out who!

    ‘Satan Place, brought to you by the makers of ‘HELL-o.’ Buy some today!”

    “This is station KHELL, Washington, D.C.”

    🎵 🎵 “H E double toothpicks, for YOU!” 🎵 🎵

  2. “Joe Biden and the big blue pill.”

    The only way that brain dead mother fucker gets a woody is with a 120 PSI air hose shoved up his ass. And then it looks like one of the party favors. And the losers been that way since age 40. Come on man! Fxck off asshole.


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