January 6th Committee Has a Laughable New ‘Bombshell,’ Lefties Promptly Run With Disinformation – IOTW Report

January 6th Committee Has a Laughable New ‘Bombshell,’ Lefties Promptly Run With Disinformation

Red State: The walls are closing in. That I’m assured of as the January 6th Committee moves closer to its public hearings. In the lead-up, they’ve been relentlessly leaking supposed “bombshells,” hoping to prime the pump before their big climax falls flat on its taxpayer-funded face.

Rep. Jamie Raskin, who was thoroughly owned by a pro-life advocate in an unrelated hearing recently, has proclaimed that what they’ve found will “blow the roof off the House.” Prior to that, we heard tales of a mysterious “gap” in Donald Trump’s phone records. In reality, he was using the phones of staffers and the White House’s cell-to-landline network, of which there are also records.

You get the idea. This committee has absolutely nothing, and it has been reduced to counting on the media to run misleading headlines covering stories that aren’t even worth reporting. On that note, Kyle Cheney of Politico reported for duty on Thursday evening, dropping a story that manages to push a false far-left conspiracy theory before eventually acknowledging there’s no there, there. more

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  1. “To be clear – it’s long been obvious that such evidence exists. There are security cameras all over the Capitol.”

    And to be even clearer, Captain Obvious, the Democrats are desperately suppressing most of the January 6th video from those cameras, because it “blows the roof off” their shambles of a narrative.

    “Don’t look at the January 6th video! Nothing to see there! Look at the January 5th video instead!” Lolol

    It sure seems like the J6 committee is becoming “increasingly isolated”, to use another one of their favorite phrases.

  2. It’ll be a ‘dog and pony show.’

    Except the ‘dog’ will be a dog-faced pony soldier and the ‘pony’ will be a Democrat donkey (ass).

  3. “the ‘pony’ will be a Democrat donkey (ass).”

    Or a One Horse Pony. Anyway, theyvtold me I’m not supposed to take any questions.

  4. They’re going to need a lot more distractions. We have an economic calamity inbound.

    Keep you eye on the ball.

  5. The FBI, their paid agitators, informants, BLM and Antifa stooges will be pixelated in all videos.

  6. A dog and pony show, but without the pony….or the dog.

    Or in language Cheney might understand, “All hat and no cattle. But without the hat.”

  7. The JOE BIDEN DEMOCRAT PARTY and RINOs ARE DOMESTIC TERRORISTS and WHITE SUPREMACISTS who are prompted by the piles of money bribed to them by global elitists to put into place their evil ‘re-set’ schemes and ethnic cleansing plots (think covid19, vaxx, and now the ‘monkeypox’ which is actually an std-herpes infection). An example of this is (former) NYC mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg who drove out the poor and low-income from their homes and land to make way for his hyper-gentrifying schemes involving his NY elite friends, political associates, race-hating groups, and underhanded real estate entities. Their plan(s) is to kill off all minorities except the blm, antifa, and other domestic terrorists such as their Buffalo shooter, for the purposes of engaging violence against Americans. ALL hidden and covered up by msm.

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