Republican presidential candidate and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush stated his tax plan is “dramatically different” from fellow GOP candidate Donald Trump’s, in part because his plan doesn’t blow “a gigantic hole in the deficit” in an interview broadcast on Wednesday’s “Situation Room” on CNN. – more at Breitbart.


  1. What Trump is proposing is pretty much what Reagan did, if I’m understanding it right.

    He ought to remind people about how the 70s were and then how the 80s were and point out that Reaganomics is what did it.

    Then he ought to point out that congressional meddling brought us the housing bubble, and point out what the real unemployment numbers are. Point out that 0bamanomics have killed the recovery that should have happened years ago, falsifying economic data doesn’t change reality even if the press plays along.

  2. According to Neil Cavuto, who was very impressed wit rumps plan, the thing that makes it so great is that he pays for the deficit with his one time 10% rate on repatriated money while the economy spools up. Cavuto is not the only one saying this. Trump also proposes a 15% max tax on business.
    This morning I watch MSNBC and Yebs on there slamming Trumps plan and then describes his. 8.75% one time rate on repatriated money and a 20% cap on business tax.
    I bet this guy cheated on his home work when he was a kid too.

  3. Jebbie had to have cheated in school…He is too stupid to know any thing on his own….. Yeb brings back into Vogue the term Village Idiot.

  4. The Deficit is roughly $0.5Trillion per year. So he’d have to repatriate $5Trillion per year to eliminate it. And that wouldn’t touch the Debt. Does that seem reasonable?

    Sounds like a fish story to me.

  5. Apple alone as 158 Billion parked off shore. That’s just Apple. All the economists I’m listening to seem to think the plan works.

  6. But that (repatriating $5Trillion) has to be done EVERY YEAR until they stop the Deficit spending.

    And THEN they have to start cutting the Debt!

    I’m not an economist but how many $Trillions are out there waiting to be repatriated?

  7. No, the plan is, just like Reagan did, our economy grows exponentially and even though your taxing at a lower rate the volume is way up. Coupled with reducing the size of Government and cutting spending you stop the bleeding. My concern is that the entitlement spending has achieved a point that it will never be brought under control. And that’s by far the largest slice of the pie.

  8. Don’t think we’ll see exponential growth, or even geometric. I’ll settle for arithmetic. I remember the Reagan years and they were great, but even Reagan was unable to kill a single Federal Program. Remember he tried to kill the Helium Reserve, which supplied Helium for dirigibles in WWI?
    So is Puerto Rico, since 1898!

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