Jill Biden Denied Ex-Husband’s Claim She Had Affair With Joe Biden Before They Split – IOTW Report

Jill Biden Denied Ex-Husband’s Claim She Had Affair With Joe Biden Before They Split

Bill Stevenson claims Jill and Joe’s relationship actually started in 1974, when he was still married to Jill.

Inside Edition September 22, 2020:
Presidential hopeful Joe Biden and his wife Jill recently celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary. But before Joe, there was Bill Stevenson — the man Jill married when she was just 18. Now her ex-husband is speaking in an exclusive interview with Inside Edition.

“I was betrayed by the Bidens,” Stevenson told Inside Edition. “Joe was my friend. Jill was my wife.”

The Bidens’ love story is now legend — how the couple found true love after the heartbreak of Joe losing his wife Neilia and infant daughter Naomi in a car crash in December 1972. They even put their tale of romance front and center at the Democratic National Convention last month.

As Joe Biden tells the story, he first saw Jill’s photo on an advertisement in Wilmington, Delaware in March 1975. His brother Frank, who knew the model from college, set Joe up on a blind date the following night. They saw a movie together on the date, fell in love and never looked back. MORE

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  1. Awwww, that mighta hurt justa 🤏 bit. Naw. The Bidens? What the whole clan ruined his marriage & just stole his wife, oh the humanity of it. 😭 Todd Rundgren says she just wanted A Real Man.

  2. Bullshit. Most likely, Joe was banging Jill when she was still babysitting his kids — when she was only 14. Look at that creepy-as-fuck photo of Joe hugging on her from that time, and you know that no one hugs someone else’s daughter like that.

  3. Daddy Trump has experience in all these matters. Before Jeffrey Epstein introduced Melania to Donny she was passed around like a 2 dollar bill. Then Ivanka we all know to well about daddy’s affection to her.

  4. @Ghost of Burner
    JANUARY 17, 2023 AT 8:25 AM
    “What’s this have to do with the classified documents?”

    It’s the Corvette! It was Jill’s before she married Joe, now it’s Joe’s “beloved Corvette”.

  5. “The Bidens’ love story is now legend …”

    LEGEND– as in an overinflated story of self-importance, or
    total mythological bullshit ?

    “As Joe Biden tells the story…”
    —-OH, so it’s BOTH. Mountains and mountains of biden bullshit.

  6. Who gives a fuck?

    Certainly not Pedo.

    The bitch is way too old for him, bu a factor of 10.

    And much too bitchy, too.

    Who cares if he’s an adulterer?

    All the OTHER Commandments he violates on a daily basis are far more serious.

  7. Okay, I found an article explaining the origins of this 1967 Corvette.
    Allegedly, it is a 327 V8 four speed. The article cited that as a good option. However, watching Mecham and Barrett-Jackson auctions, a 427 4 speed is the more valuable choice for resale value.
    I doubt that shiftless bastard could even drive a four speed stick now.
    This could bring some big bucks at auction now because of the crazy history of the car.
    I know cars owned by Steve McQueen get a bonus bump.

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  9. It’s never been known that a cheating spouse lied about an affair.
    Just because she was bestowed her fake doctorate because of Joe’s position in Government doesn’t mean she’s a manipulating, position grabbing whore.
    Or does it?

  10. @Jethro
    JANUARY 17, 2023 AT 9:33 AM
    different car.
    slowjoes’s father gave him the green 67 long before. the corvette in the “accident” was jill’s that her husband bought for her.”

    Jethro: While I stand corrected, remember, the story of Joe Sr. giving the Vette to Joey as a wedding gift, came from Joey himself, and therefore has about as much credibility as all his other stories. Maybe Corn Pop gave it to him as a peace offering?

  11. If you’re a friend of Biden’s you get just what you deserve. He bird dogged your wife? What’s new? There’s four billion bird dogs out there, not all active at once of course, but still. If Dr. Jill decided to squat for Joe before she was divorced that was her choice sport, she just demonstrated the kind of girl she was. She was right too, she gets to be the fake first lady of the United States as well as being a fake doctorate holder. Win for fake Dr. Jill all the way around. She’d stayed with you she’d just be another dried up old upper middle class crone while you’re out bird dogging some younger tail.

  12. Swim in a Septic Tank; smell like shit.

    Just the way it is. Don’t come crying about it 50 years later.

    Who advertises his cuckold-ness?

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

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