Joe Biden doesn’t care about Black people

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  1. Here’s what Jackass Joe cares about – it’s all in his record:
    Plagiarizing his college papers!
    Plagiarizing his speeches!
    Lying about his grades!
    Lying about his IQ!
    Lying about his accomplishments! (how ’bout none in a half a century)
    Bragging about being on the take!
    Staying in his basement during a Presidential campaign!
    Getting installed (like a toilet)
    Then proceeding to fuck up everything he touches!
    Hell, even a dick-slapped, pussy-whipped, flat-footed, maladroit, plastic banana republic Socialist Marxist Muzlim Mallard once said: “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up!”
    Jackass Joe is only too happy to continue fucking up our cities and everyone’s confidence in the United States in the process! Jackass Joe is one colossal Fuck Up looking for yet ANOTHER place to happen! The demented buffoon can’t hold a thought or a sentence together, how the Hell is he supposed to hold a nation together?
    Answer: He’s NOT!
    If he’s anything at all he’s a god damned torpedo! If that’s not being an evil, creepy bastard I don’t what is! Yet somehow we’re supposed to believe that 81 million people “voted” for him and that he really, really cares about … Black people???
    Holy shit! Where’s the Tylenol?

    Now folks, let’s all whisper into the mic for emphasis:
    Fuck Joe Biden!

  2. No shit Sherlock. If the Republicans had the stones to point this out there would be a whole new dynamic. But no, they are afraid of their own shadow. Individuals don’t stand a chance of getting the message out, the media picks and chooses who gets the microphone and are able to control the debate. If the Republican Party were to pound this message home it would make a difference.

  3. As Rush said, it all comes down to racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe. The left constantly peppers the right with that noise, and the right is disinterested in shrugging it off.

    Remember when Trump asked black communities, “What do you have to lose?” Name me one Republican’t that said similarly, ever. They all ran away from him because they aren’t interested in winning. They are way more interested in being the distinguished opposing minority. It’s all good cop, bad cop, kabuki.

  4. He doesn’t care about America, so why should he care about “black” Americans?
    He lumps them all in with white, mocha, high yellow, brown, cafe au lait, “hispanic,” “latin,” “indian,” Italian, French, German, Irish, Polish, Russian, Lithuanian, and all those other disgusting Americans.

    If you believe in Freedom, Liberty, and Justice – Joey is your enemy. PERIOD.
    It’s not “benign neglect” it is vicious hatred – through and through.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Well, He did use the term “Roaches” during his Corn Pop speech.

    Without that GEM I would have had NO IDEA what he MEANT.

  6. Shit the son of a bitch never met a clean articulate black man until late in life. By the time I was out of grade school I had met many thousands

  7. Biden the Pedophile has been a lifelong klan supremacist, a fact hidden by msm and democrat party, many of whom are also klansmen and women.


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