Joe Biden: “The first thing I would do” if elected is raise taxes



22 Comments on Joe Biden: “The first thing I would do” if elected is raise taxes

  1. I had a dream last night, well, a nightmare…I was shopping at

    Advance Auto (shudders) and Joe and Hillary came down the aisle

    arguing…And this is where it gets weird….

    Hillary had both of Her shoes on…. 🙁

    So I’m thinking Biden/Clinton with Joe’s early accidental demise.

  2. What’s ‘tentacle porn?’
    Just a day after fathers day and all those nice comments,,,
    Glad the kids are being so well look after the tribute 24 hours ago,,,,

  3. “I’m gonna raise your taxes”, is sure to get Slo Joe elected by everybody who pays taxes, as in Middle America…..Not!!!!!
    Didn’t Mondale try the same thing, and got his ass handed to him?

  4. The only thing Unka Joe’s gonna get elected to, is “inmate representative” of the Cuckoo’s nest… 🙄

  5. Just wait until the first Dem debate, they will all say it, we need more money for our voters, in so many words.
    And then comes P.Trumps reply.
    Tuesday night he is going to let the left have it,
    he is going to lay out a sharp contrast between the Gimmedats and the normal hard working Americans,us.
    Socialism verses Capitalism is going be on full display tomorrow.
    We will win this folks keep the faith.

  6. That’s the ticket Joey, people can’t wait to give the rest of everything they have. So the good old folks in government can spend it on the kids. You do like kids don’t you Joey?

  7. Okay, nobody else asked so I will.

    Who are those three blobs? Are two of them from the “obesity is fun” wing of the party? Nicki my pet unicorn just farted out some special donuts for them. With sprinkles!

  8. The dope sounds like Che DeBlasio: “There is plenty of money to go around.” (But it’s in the wrong hands, right Joe?) “The first thing I’d do is eliminate the President’s tax cuts.” Go grope yerself Joe,hard, with a rake.

    Poor Peoples’s Campaign ?????

  9. just when people begin to make a buck, the f-n liberals want to take it back.

    just like when they thought the media was telling the truth, they find out its all a lie.

    Just when it was beginning to get safe, the liberals want to tear down what ever wall exists.

    PJDT will be kickin’ ass past election day and well into the future.

  10. Never under estimate the level of stupidity in this country. New Jersey elected a governor who promised to raise taxes.

  11. @ No Blushes

    Kurt Eichenwald was trying to show anti-semitic stuff sent to him and tweeted out a screen shot of his computer.

    It happened to have a tab open that was for tentacle porn.

    I have no idea what it really is, but you can take it from there if you’re curious.

    AceOfSpades also had an article on it.


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