Joe Biden’s Brother Linked to Projects Receiving $54 Million in Taxpayer Loans from Obama Administration, Despite No Experience

Breitbart: Frank Biden, the youngest brother of former Vice President Joe Biden, saw his business interests benefit from millions of dollars in taxpayer loans to Caribbean nations during the Obama years.

The extensive overlap in Frank Biden’s dealings and Obama-Biden foreign policy in Central America is exposed in Peter Schweizer’s new book—Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite.

Frank Biden first set his sights on the region in 2009, as the Obama administration began to repair the U.S. relationship with Costa Rica. Tensions between the two countries flared under President George W. Bush, most notably on how to deal with drug trafficking.

When President Barack Obama entered the White House, he set out to mend fences in the region in hopes of inaugurating a new era of global cooperation. Leading the charge on that front was Joe Biden, who had long standing ties to the region from his tenure leading the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Shortly after the new administration took office, Frank Biden began scouting real estate opportunities in Costa Rica. A lawyer by training, Frank was undeterred by his lack of background in international development and decades old legal troubles at home.

As Schweizer notes, despite the professional and personal handicaps, business opportunities were plentiful for Frank, especially after his brother paid a visit to the country. more here

10 Comments on Joe Biden’s Brother Linked to Projects Receiving $54 Million in Taxpayer Loans from Obama Administration, Despite No Experience

  1. If the activities of the obama administration do not meet the requirements and criteria of an ongoing criminal conspiracy then nothing ever will. Justice better be served in a court of law, if it has to be handled by vigilante justice it will be a nightmare for all sides.

  2. All Joey (Mr. Demento) can claim now is that he didn’t know about his brother’s and son’s corrupt activities and therefore shouldn’t be blamed for them.

    The perfect response to that, of course, is You SHOULD have known, Joey, and if you DIDN’T then you’re too fscking stupid and/or gullible to be allowed out in public, much less to claim the Oval Office.

    edit: Joe Bidemento?

  3. Just as the butcher of Benghazi’s brother cashed in with the only bid to mine gold in Haiti, and becoming eligible for all types of foreign aide for reconstructing Haiti’s “work force”,how did that work out for him? Early grave from arkicide early age unexpected dirt nap.


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