Joe Biden’s Medal of Freedom Ceremony Goes South As His Brain Fries and He Slurs Uncontrollably – IOTW Report

Joe Biden’s Medal of Freedom Ceremony Goes South As His Brain Fries and He Slurs Uncontrollably

RS: Joe Biden held a Medal of Freedom ceremony on Friday in which he awarded standouts like John Kerry, Al Gore, and Nancy Pelosi with America’s highest civilian honor. What did they do to deserve such a reward? The answer is nothing, but they have been radical leftists, and that was enough. 

As with any public appearance by Biden, the event offered ample evidence of his senility. At one point, he appeared to forget what he was there for, perhaps mistakenly thinking he was awarding the Medal of Honor to someone.

BIDEN: “I know personal experience that you wish you’d never had to be at an event like this one without a piece of your soul having been gone”


24 Comments on Joe Biden’s Medal of Freedom Ceremony Goes South As His Brain Fries and He Slurs Uncontrollably

  1. Jethro – Cuz the National Socialist Party works behind the image of a “President”!
    It’s their side show distraction to keep the Complicit, Bought & Paid For, Knee-Pad Media robots busy feeding pablum to the proletariat and not paying attention to the destruction they are cooking up and implementing. Remember who “leads from behind”…

  2. I bemember when my Beau died getting the Metal of Freebird. It was a hot wet day in Salem in 0072, and these White Italian guys were beeyn mean to Jooz. My Beau stood there waving his Afrostinian flag and todem “Your grades don’t pass”, or summing like that.

    Anyway, what’s these ribbons and why is Nanny Pen..pel..po…whatever, here? I need my lil girrl break now and some ice cream, chokitchocit chip. Don’t keep a Senator like me waiting, no one fucks with…you know, the thing!

  3. John Kerry, Al Gore, and Nancy Pelosi, three of the greatest traitors to America.
    Up next Pence, Schumer, McConnell, Swalwell, Crenshaw, McCarthy, Johnson, Roberts,………

  4. “it’s a master class in why the president has no business being the president.”

    He never was the president and never will be.

    He is only an installed fraud.

  5. Please die on camera, in searing pain and let us see you start your eternity in hell by when you die screaming. Let the cameras show your eyes widen in terror as the flaming abyss yawns wide before you, and let us ear your craven incoherent pleas for a mercy you yourself never showed any other human being, in between your bellows of agony and vomiting so hard your bowels rupture. Let the cameras capture from many angles your final diarrhetic ejection overwhelm your diaper and splatter on your hellmates amazed faces, infecting them with the foul diseases that fester in your syphilis ridden flesh and so hasten their own demise even as they see in your writhing form their own end writ large. And may the devil bring you up from hell for your funeral to show you the insincerity of your mourners and to know for certain that none loved you in life, then drag you back from time to time to see them gloat over your worldly goods and hear them wish you had died sooner.

    And may you know nothing but anguish and torment for all eternity, in poor recompense for the billions who suffered and will suffer because you were a willing actor in a satanic fraud.

    And may you get in hell what you’ve lost on earth, a perfect memory so you can recall in hellish detail every torment you get for all eternity, that you may never ever have an instant of peace.

  6. ‘’d never had to be at an event like this one without a piece of your soul having been gone”’

    If you lend your name to a Pedo photo op, you’ve given your soul to the devil to get there, just like HE did.

  7. The Hitler videos never get old. Joey doesn’t know what freedom is if he’s giving these worthless participation trophies to these 3 usurpers of our freedom according to the Constitution. Joey doesn’t have a soul, he sold his soul to the devil when he became a politician. Who’s next Hanoi Jane, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Castro, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, Mao, Karl Marx, the little turd Nork dictator, etc. etc. He is preaching the opposite of freedom which is the total death and destruction of America as it was founded. God have mercy on joey because I can’t.

  8. They need you to see how senile he is. They need you to see how utterly unfit to govern he is. So that when they cheat the system again in November and declare Biden president for another term, you will be so angry that you lash out and do something violent. Then they will have the excuse they need to take away every Constitutional freedom we ever had. That’s the plan.


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