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Joe Biden’s usefulness may be coming to an end

American Greatness: What if it had been a VW Bug? Or a Kia? I mean, what if Joe Biden’s garage, in addition to housing classified documents, was sporting something other and less sexy than his snazzy 1967 Corvette? What then? 

Joe himself seems to have set great store by his classic car. It’s the thing he mentions most frequently and most passionately when asked about the cardboard boxes stacked behind it, some of which contained secret U.S. government provender dating from his time as Barack Obama’s vice president. “It’s not like the documents were just strewn about,” Joe protested (I paraphrase to save the White House occupant embarrassment). “My Corvette is in there. The garage door has a lock on it.”

Well, OK, then. 

Nothing to see here, what? Time to move on? (I thought about using a period there, but I think we can all agree that a question mark with a twist of valley-girl upspeak pleading is more appropriate.)

It’s been amusing to absorb the commentary on this latest Top-Secret-Special-Compartmentalized-Nuclear-Coded-Eyes-Only fiasco. “Some of our country’s most sensitive 411,” blah, blah, blah. It was CBS News that first broke the story of Joe and his adventures with classified docs that he shouldn’t have had in his possession. Just last week the world discovered that the Washington office of the “Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement” [!], a Chinese-funded “dark-money nightmare,” had a cache of secret stuff. Then we learned about the garage sale, no Corvettes included, wheeze. And then, just a few days ago, the world woke up to, wouldn’t you know it, yet more classified docs stashed away somewhere among Joe’s collection of aviators in his Delaware home. As I write, Biden’s lawyers (nota bene, not the FBI) have found five more pages of classified material in the library at Biden’s home. Who knows where else he has the forbidden docs stashed? MORE

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  1. Biden’s handlers, most likely the CCP, know they have to get rid of Biden and what’s her name, before they destroy any hope of communists being elected in 2024.

  2. What puzzles me is it seems it would have been very easy to simply destroy those documents or stick them in a new hiding place. Why didn’t they? What’s the end game here?

  3. So a team of armed FBI agents raid Mara Lago and search every nook and cranny (and Melania’s underwear drawer), but all of Biden’s hidey holes are searched by…his own lawyers? And the press doesn’t see any conflict there?

  4. They are going after Brandon and he will be found guilty of improper handling/storage of classified material. Then, in the interest of “fairness”, the same will be applied to Trump. The penalty will be such that he is disqualified from running for President.


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