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Joe Biden’s Virus Protection Tips For Democrat Voters

It’s been one long year since the Chinese Lug Rot Pandemic was officially declared. Today we look back at then Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s expert pandemic survival advice that no doubt made him a hero and saved numerous lives of his democrat constituency.

8 Comments on Joe Biden’s Virus Protection Tips For Democrat Voters

  1. We have s third world insurgency occurring DC. Just like Venezuela. Once in power these assholes don’t let little things like elections remove them from power. They need you disarmed at all costs for their own safety. Don’t let them take your guns.

  2. Here’s a tip “Don’t listen to biden or fauci”!

    According to Doctor Google 130,000+ Covid deaths since fraudster biden became president.
    Trump had 400,000 covid deaths on his watch in 1 year.
    Biden 130,000 covid deaths in just under 60 days!
    That’s a 32.5 % INCREASE under biden in under 60 days.
    Hows that biden plan working out for ya America?

    Democrats lie & cheat.
    Republicans are weak.

  3. Similarly to New York’s confusion over their criminal Governor, we allow an election to be stolen, treason from our “judges,” “representatives,” and agents, and the dissolution of our Republic – but we’re scared senseless over a flu hoax and a globaloney warming hoax!

    Maybe it’s time to just fade into the dustbin of History?

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Replace “pandemic” with “DemPanic”, explains everything.


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