Jolly Old Chris Tingles Delivers Lump of Coal to Dems

Truth Revolt – In an address to the “Washington Ideas Forum” held by the Aspen Institute, Chris Matthews predicted “Republicans might pick up as many as 10 Senate seats.” He blames the Democrats running this year for having no identity or message and for not embracing Obama.



6 Comments on Jolly Old Chris Tingles Delivers Lump of Coal to Dems

  1. Remember BFH’s Quote of the day-week-month? Well, here it is:
    “How Fucking Stupid Can a Person Have To Be To Vote Democrat in 2014.” Doug Ross 11/1/2014 Unredacted.

    Pog Mo Theoin Chrissy

  2. “…and for not embracing Obama.”
    For NOT embracing O???
    That’s the reason they will lose! They did ’embrace’ his sorry azz!
    What a moron!

  3. There are those who accuse Matthews of the old ploy of predicting unrealistic accomplishments for the opposition so one can go back and say they underperformed.

    Repubs would have to pick up 13 to make the 60 seat threshold where they can over ride the President. They’ll take the Senate, but they won’t take that many seats.


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