Jon Rahm wins 2023 Masters – IOTW Report

Jon Rahm wins 2023 Masters


Jon Rahm won the 2023 Masters on Sunday, his first victory in one of golf’s most beloved tournaments.

In addition to claiming his green jacket, Rahm has retaken his spot at the top of the world rankings, much like Scottie Scheffler did when he won last year’s Masters.  Rahm has also become the fourth Spaniard to win the Masters in its 89-year history.

Rahm won by four shots over runners-up Brooks Koepka and Phil Mickelson.  Despite not winning, Mickelson left his mark this tournament, becoming the oldest runner-up at age 52, and beating his own personal record for best final round at Augusta National.

This year, the Augusta National tournament has seen heavy rain, which knocked over multiple trees and delayed later rounds, as well as the withdrawal of Tiger Woods.  Woods withdrew before completing his third round because of a severe injury he suffered in a 2021 car accident.

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  1. Unlike many, I am not a supporter of any professional sports.

    They all appear to be high dollar Bread and Circuses meant to entertain and distract those seated in the present day “Roman colosseum”.

    The citizens of the present day colosseums will watch the USA burn as they clap and cheer from their seats.

    That day becoming a reality, is closer than you think.
    I am hopeful my days on earth will expire before I would witness this tragedy of a failed Nation I was Blessed to be born.


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