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‘Journalistic Rape’ 

Catherine Herridge says gov’t whistleblowers worried after CBS’s ‘journalistic rape’ against her.

BPR: Veteran journalist Catherine Herridge accused CBS News of “journalistic rape” in front of Congress after she was fired by CBS News who locked her out and seized her files reporting on government corruption.

Herridge is known for her reporting on the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. She testified in front of the House Judiciary Committee Thursday concerning freedom of the press, breaking her silence for the first time after being terminated by CBS News. She described the actions of the network as an assault on journalism.

“When my records were seized I felt it was a journalistic rape,” Herridge asserted at the hearing that was titled “Fighting for a Free Press: Protecting Journalists and Their Sources.”

“I was locked out of my emails and I was locked out of the office. CBS News seized hundreds of pages of my reporting files including confidential source information,” Herridge recounted. MORE

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  1. Any ethical journalist (yes, there are some) who doesn’t use full-bore strong encryption on all their materials is being very foolish. Yeah, the NSA geeks can probably get into just about anything if they wanted to badly enough, but you don’t want to make things easy for them.

    Exception: it would be good if it were easy for those NSA geeks to incriminate themselves so they could be tried for treason, convicted, and sentenced to be shot at dawn.

  2. Re: one-time pads. True. Then the important task is securing the pads/keys. For sure it can be done, but you have to put some thought and effort into doing it right.

  3. Journalistic WTF? Any work done while employed at a media corporation under the guise that this is part of “My job” is the property of said media corporation. Now unless she was a freelancer, please don’t let the door hit your f’n ass on your escorted way out. Your fired.
    It has been already stated by said media corporation they will give her back any personal paperwork which will included her pornography & nude selfies.

  4. “Journalistic Rape”
    Hell No. Now she lost me.

    Maybe stealing intellectual property or something like that but the “R” word is used so often that it is loosing all meaning.
    Look at what asshole judge Engoron did to Trump by re-defining that word.

    I have no idea who owns the research of a reporter under media employment but that is her/their issue.

  5. Catherine, I’m sorry that this happened to you, but you chose to sleep with the MSM devil. Too bad, so sad, hate it for you but that was your choice, ya greedy bint.

  6. The “C” in cubicle “B” cries my my but butt was stollen. Oh come on man, oh the humanity oh my pussy, it was raped, so what maybe I did enjoy it, does that make it right?
    Girl, get mental help, quick!

  7. Catherine Herridge is one of the three journalists in mainstream media who I trust. She purposely used the “R” word because it has weight and it’s not a word she chose glibly. As she stated, she was playing by the rules, then CBS changed the rules.


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