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The Peach Rots From Within

Immutable Truth: The Devil Went Down To Georgia He Was Looking For A Soul To Steal.

What happens when a former Georgia Secretary of State “wins” their election to become governor?

Would they be more or less likely to know election law?

Would a Georgia County District Attorney prosecuting “election crimes” and RICO crimes be knowledgeable on Georgia election code and potential crimes related to elections?

We recently obtained a document from Georgia related to Georgia Candidates for 2022. more

8 Comments on The Peach Rots From Within

  1. Reminds me of Oregon, then the Crooked Governor resigned and with no Lt.Gov. the queer Sec. of State was appointed Gov. Remember Kate Brown? That state has a thing for Dykess and Fags, the elected another LESBO Gov.

  2. @Justin Case
    SATURDAY, 13 APRIL 2024, 14:34 AT 2:34 PM
    Reminds me of Oregon,

    Unfortunately Oregon is like so many other locales with the major cities populated by democrat useful idiots. The Greater Idaho movement is a direct result of fed up conservative counties not being fairly represented in state government. It’s a long shot possibility, but I along with so many others, hope and dream the Greater Idaho movement prevails.

  3. @ MrLiberty Saturday, 13 April 2024, 16:55 at 4:55 pm,
    I am not sure, but I don’t think Gitmo is large enough for the flotsam we need to rid ourselves of…. Maybe not enough hemp either!

  4. He’s an oily looking, scheming, gator-eyed, untrustworthy looking exhibit.

    No, gators are better than him. Gators only do what God designed them to do.

    But this man had a choice, and decided to travel down Creep Highway.


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