Office Buildings in New York City Set New Record for Emptiness – IOTW Report

Office Buildings in New York City Set New Record for Emptiness

Gateway Pundit –

New York City has a serious and growing problem with empty office space. Between rising crime, high taxes, and the crazy rules of the pandemic a few years ago, people have fled the city in huge numbers.

Now the city is home to a record number of empty office buildings. The lack of revenue from these properties has got to be hurting the city’s bottom line and the policies of the current mayor are not helping.

Who would want to spend millions of dollars to open a new office in Manhattan right now?

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  1. NYC is following SF, the mess in the west, on tall building office and apartment vacancies.

    Let the migros and homeless take them over. Just like we know the sun will come up in the east tomorrow morning, they’ll trash those buildings.

  2. Now just for a moment all my fellow IOTW readers; imagine this is ON purpose. It sorta must be since it is so deliberate and single minded across all the blue cities. If it was by ‘accident’ then the path would not be direct as it looks to be.
    On purpose. Fact. Now why? Who will profit? These are the sort of discussions we should have.
    I’ll start: What if the ‘plan’ is to destroy these old empty office buildings. In the usual sneaky NYC fashion. We all know 911 was a fantastic demo job. If you hired a team to take them down, you could not do better. Straight down, very quick! and actually limited collateral damage. And look what they got! Insurance coverage no less. And a nice new replacement that could never have made it through regular construction approvals.
    So why not again? Drive out the aging tenants. Fill the junk with megros. Very quickly you will get your raging inferno with every office used as a taco kitchen. And just like that, a new New York will rise from the ashes. As humans have done for 10,000+ years. (Fake history is another entire topic)


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